Monday, January 12, 2009

ginshu (amatsuki) Shopping List

white brocade: RM 30 for 3m i think = $15
red satin: Rm7/m x 3m = RM21 = $10
red rope thread: $0.26/m x 10m = $2.60
silver wig: $51
fake nails: $2 x 3sets = $6 (about 210pieces excluding existing 50pieces)
red tassels: $1.20/pc x 2 = $2.40
mastix extra 10ml: $12.80 (skin glue)

Total: $99.80

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

i kinda like ginshu from amatsuki, and i think he/she will be my next project after iljimae xD there's several versions of him from amatsuki. managed to pick out 2.

the ponytail one (which i'll be doing)

the second version with the hair down (but i find most people cosplaying this version with a different set of clothes though)

couldn't find much pictures of him/her online so i had to take all those screenshots from's anime streaming with my samsung f450 camera phone. hoho. but i found a really nice wallpaper of him/her!!!

here's what i've done for kimimaro so far...

his onepiece

closer look at the crest i've sewed on with satin


the back


it is sliding off me rather easily now (-_-`) perhaps i'll put tapes inside to secure it so none of me accidentally gets revealed xo

the shoes


and the purple ribbon. initially stuck sponge and wiring, then corrugated board but it doesn't stand upright and looks very messy and slouchy (i wonder if you can use that to describe a ribbon). then i bought these thick wires for $5+ a roll at artfriend and it works perfectly. can stand upright now! and has the shape i want. :D


now i only need an abandoned black pants (donations, any?) and his bone sword.
will be joining the naruto group for eoy and photoshoot so i've decided to do kimimaro since orochmaru was taken. yes... i like these 2 guys in naruto xp





reference from naruto's shoes since i couldn't find zoomed up of kimimaro's. it's slightly different though.


and the version i'm making...


HAHAHA ya right. it's just my favourite picture of him but not the version i'm doing of cos. and no drop down shirt like one of the pictures above. sorry, cosplay is pg13. will be making his bony sword though!

Monday, January 05, 2009

following that i started on my sakujun.
making it according to the novel version is a pain because there's so many flowery embroidery details. i hate working with my golden thread cos it snaps so easily but i like embroidery.

anyways i did the embroidery parts first (sleeves tip)

then the sleeves head embroidery

had to sew yellow backing for it so it doesn't look too messy from the back xp

then i attach the tip detail to the sleeves

and the sleeves head to the blue top i made


and i attached the sleeves to some yellow shirt i bought off the auctions very very long ago and sewed the collar on.

here's the embroidery for the front panel

and then it's attached to the top

i actually unsewed that front panel and resewed it THRICE because the first time it was resewed i couldn't get it through my head (-_-`) then the second time those add-ons at the side bothered me a lot and i had to put a backing to the panel before resewing it again. does the final piece look different?

with the added jewels

and the inside of the collar

and finally my skirt
zip on the back

and i made the loincloth last (whatever you call it, that long piece in front of the skirt)
finally had time to upload all my works (since i took my laptop home supposedly for work... xp)

shall start with the oldest, my yasuaki WIP. (well it's actually done so oh well)

the inner top with orange sleeves (added a black sleeve over the orange one but have yet taken the picture)

the outer black white onepiece collar

and the onepiece as a whole (ok onepiece is supposed to refer to a dress in japanese, but i think in english it can refer to anything that's well... one piece)

black belt made of satin

and finally the buddha bead i made using ping pong balls. tried styrofoam ones and wasted my money... cos it shrinks and deforms when you use spray paint on it (-_-`) sucks. the white furry part i used my furry ball maker and the feather - i just stuck orange feathers underneath the white ones.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

shi ryuuki (saiunkoku) shopping list

for the cloths

light lilac: $3.50/m x 2.5 = $9 (rounded off)
medium purple satin: $4/m x 2 = $8
lilac satin: $3.50/m x 1 = $3.50 (i lost my sample and ended up buying the wrong color. gosh)
purple satin (the correct one): $4/m x 1.5 = $5 (rounded off, last half metres anyway)
darkest purple hard satin: $4/m x 1 = $4
white satin: $4/m x 1 = $4
white hard satin: $4/m x 1 = $4 (yes, bought the wrong satin. wth. always bring your samples...)
lining: $1.50/m x 3 = $4.50
dark blue satin: $4/m x 1 = $4 (got extra for this cos it was leftovers haha)
red velvet: $2.50 x 1 = $2.50
yellow satin: $3/m x 2 = $6
green satin: $4/m x 0.5 = $2
brown satin: $4/m x 0.5 = $2

total: $59.50

gold ribbon: $5.90/roll
crystal teardrops: $3.90/ 6 drops
purple diamante: $3.50/ 6 diamantes
gold buckle: $1.50/piece
silver rope: $2.50/m x 2 = $5
threads (various colours): $0.70 x 12 -$0.50 discount = $7.90
gold sequins: $0.80*4packets = $3.20 (with one packet free!)

total: $30.90

fabric paint (pearlescent yellow): $4.70 x 2 = $9.40
grease paper: $1.20
inner fabric paper (for collars, etc): $1/m x 1 = $1
vaseline paper (for tearing off after embroidery): $8.95/m x 1 = $8.95
blonde zephyr wig: 3800yen/65=$58.50
hazel encore lens: $18

total: $97.05

grand total: $59.50 + $30.90 +$97.05 = $187.45

reflections/lessons learnt
whee! so i started shopping around in arab street with my sister for the first day and spent a BOMB. the next day i realised i had a lack of colored threads so i went to the craft shop inn amk. following that, i went to arab street again the next day to shop for the shortages.
and man. cosplay is really expensive.
and yeah, i've hit the $100 mark. anyway i think i still have some more cloth to buy for the clouds. sighss.
very very happy to have discovered the hard paper to put inside for my collar and pattern embroidery.
golden thread should be used singularly for sewing, it was disastrous since it kept getting snipped off, though triple threads would show the pattern clearly (compare collar to sleeves)
fabric is important in relation to the character (this was a kingly character, so i selected satin and velvet)
to make it as exact as possible, i did the inner and outwear even though i could have attached the extra layers to the outer wear easily. but you can reuse this kinda things so it's ok! it's like detailing down to things you don't see.
i underestimated a lot of stuff this time and had to pay for it with extra trips to arab, extra seam sewing, resewing, attachments, etc, which is NOT worth the effort if i could measure correctly in the first place.
kimimaro (naruto) shopping list

purple cloth: $2/m x 2m = $4
wiring: $5
white wig: $40
black soles: $1.50
bandage: $1.55 (90cm x 1m) + $1.20*2 (2 smaller rolls)=$2.40
white welt: $21.20
green contact lens: $22

total: $97.65
min jeong ho (shoujo changumu no yume) shopping list

navy brocade: $10/m x 2 = $20
pink thick lining: $3/m x 4 = $12 (damn good quality, and as said by the uncle, can't tear if bitten)
maroon velvet: $2.50/m x 1 = $2.50
navy velvet: $6/m x 0.5 = $3
light blue satin: $2.50/m x 1 = $2.50
tassels (2 red, 1 yellow): $1.20 x 3 = $3.60
giganto pearl clip on earring: $3.50/pair
jade nail polish: $1
black ovals: $1.60
grey contact lens: $22
hair extensions: $9.80 (weft) + $15.90 (ponytail) = $25.70

total: $97.40
yasuaki (harutoki) shopping list

green zephyr wig: 3800yen/65=$58.50
white cloth: $5 x 2.5m=$12.50
black cloth: $5 x 1.5m=$7.50
black lining cloth: $3 x 1.5m = $4.50
golden medium beads: 20pcs for $5
christmas balls: $2 x 3 packet of 6 = $6
styrofoam balls: $0.50 x 2 = $1
ping pong balls: $1.95 x 3 packets (18pcs) + $1.55*2 packets = $8.95
colorful feathers: $3
green wig from taobao: $63. sold off at $40. $23 loss... bought a new wig at $35 from tb again.
2green+1black permanent marker: $8.15
maple green-grey extension: 1050yen = $17

total: $190.10
sa sakujun (saiunkoku)shopping list

pink zephyr wig: 3800yen/65 = $58.50
jade green satin: 1.5m x $2.50 = $3 (got some discount)
light yellow satin: 2m x $2 = $4
navy brocade: 2m x $10 = $20
blue teardrop jewels: $2
orange round iron-on jewels: $2 (8pcs)
orange swarovski round jewels: $5 (8pcs)
pink eyeliner: $2.50
purple pink diamante: $1.90/2pcs

total: $98.90
iljimae shopping list

0.02" styrene A4 size: $2 x 2pcs = $4
washable poster paint (black, 59ml): $2.07 (gosh it turned out to be dark purple when it says black. ackkk.)
1 brass ring (big): $0.81
invercote bristol (looks like styrene but a bit thicker): $4.50
foam (black): $2.90 (10 pcs of A4 sized in a pack)
recycled cellulose mask: $2.88
rings (small): $1.20 (5pcs)
magnet buttons (black): $1.50 (5 pcs)
paper fasteners: $1.25/box
plates: $0.40/2pcs
silver spray: RM6 = $3
chrome spray: RM10 = $5
silver PVC: RM8.80/m x 2m = RM16.60 = $8
red cloth: RM7/m x 1m = RM7 = $3.50
eyelet puncher: $5.95
black elastics: $0.40x2m = $0.80
silver buttons: $2.60 (set of 4)
triangle hooks: $2.50/packet (over 1000s of them inside!)
black ribbon roll: $3.50/roll
paper backing: $1/m
silver buttons: $2/4pcs
pink petals: $3.50 + $4 = $7.50

total so far: $66.86