Monday, April 23, 2012

sometimes i wonder if i'm just over-thinking, or if you're just over-simplifying. it probably seemed like something really minor to you, but it wasn't that way for me. no wonder... the more your hopes for someone, the greater the disappointment. i guess i really expected too much. i relied on the wrong person. i waited for the impossible. and when i reached out, i was given a reality slap. a really big slap. and now, as if nothing happened, everything seemed to remain the same to you. it wasn't for me, and it isn't. it will never be the same. between balancing my grit on the peace and maintaining a professional and forgiving outlook, i have to pretend nothing happened. i have to put on a front. but i cannot pretend for so long. so stop being nice. stop acting like the good guy. stop all these nonsense, and JUST GO AWAY. for if you don't, i will.