Friday, December 30, 2011

i suppose i only do these things when i'm bored. would have been working on my costumes if the textiles were here, but i'm actually blogging about 2011.

hmmm. 2011 was a lot of stress, a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of disappointment.
i worked really hard for many things, but i've yet to reap what i sowed.

and then i watched a really awesome drama, where i fell in love with jung il woo *_* and now i'm watching another 3 dramas of his. i feel really bad for lee jun ki now, because jung il woo is such a spin-off of jun ki. korean army, why don't you release jun ki nowwwwwwwwww and let him star in more dramas so i can stop looking at his lookalike...!!!

and this was the part that got me so head over heels for jung il woo. this must be the best best kiss i've ever seen...!!! *press replay x100 times*

watching it somehow lifts my mood a little.

2012... i'm bringing you over!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

즐거운 크리쓰마쓰

"May your Christmas sparkle in the moonlight
Bathed in warmth of friends in sight
Love, peace and joy to give
on this wonderful day to believe."

Thursday, December 15, 2011

did a cosplay for taiwan trip...


simple simple. my laogong did hongkong.


super cheap cosplay, and would have been cheaper if i didn't get the wig, which i didn't use in the end!!!!

i bought a cheongsam that was just around my office for $6.90 and modified it to a top.


then added the lace on the sleeves area


made the larger sleeves using materials i already have...


and here it is!


then i plucked some flowers from my mom's vase and colored it red (was purple initially)...


made some tassles out of the golden thread i have


and put them together!


wala! the skirt is from athena's. heh. photoshoot carried out in taiwan itself. epic!
taiwan (hetalia)shopping list

cheongsam: $6.90
wig: $35
gold lining 4 years: $1.80 x 4 = $7.20

total: $49.10
len (setsugetsuka)shopping list

len costume (tb): 438rmb = $105.44
red and brown fabric paint: $10.30
umbrella: $4

total: $119.74
didn't do much for this costume! just added lots of decor. was pretty much a costume i taobaoed. yes, this is my first bought costume! figured it saved more time and money to buy it straight than to search around for the textiles and make it.

so here's the reference picture and pv.




and then there's this really awesome group who cosplayed them before that was pretty inspiring to us. so we kinda followed their style


added the tassles (gold and red)


added the gold lace trims


styled the wig!


basically shuffed a chopstick+backcomb to make it stand then spam the hairspray. tied it together so it would come together as a clump. here's from the side


oh, i drew on those flowers too.

decided to repair a bit of synchronicity with the new acrylic cutter from zerar.




and also cut a new mask that better fits the face... if not it will look so flat! and spammed more jewels...


Thursday, December 08, 2011

Copied the post from here!

“정”이란 대체 뭐 아시냐?
세상을 향이 묻습니다
나는 대답 할 것입니다
우리를 하야금 아무런 망설임 도 없이
삼과 죽음을 서로 허락하는거
그것이 바로 “정” 이라고

Romanization :
“Jeong”-iran daeche mwo asinya?
Sesangeul hyang-i mudseumnida
Naneun daedabhalgeosimnida
Urireul hayageum amureon mangseorim do eobsi
Samgwa jugeumeul seoro heorakhaneungeo
Geugeosi baro “Jeong”-irago.

Translation :
What on earth is “Love”?
I ask the World.
And I will answer…
That which make us unhesitatingly
Grant life and death to each other
That is what “Love” is.

~Quotes : 공주의 남자 Ep. 07 (00:20:25 Hanrel)~
Note: “Jeong” can be Affection / Love

김승유 : 어디로 가는지 묻지 도 안했어?
이세령 : 어디든 상관 없습니다.

Romanization :
Kim Seung Yoo : eodiro ganeunji mudji do anhaesseo?
Lee Se Ryung : eodideun sanggwan eobseumnida.

Translation :
Kim Seung Yoo : Why are you not even asking where we are going?
Lee Se Ryung : I will follow you, wherever you may go.

~Quotes : 공주의 남자 Ep. 21 (00:34:33 Hanrel)~

김승요 : 날 따라 면, 더 어문 고생 길이요…
이세령 : 저승 길이어도… 좋습니다.

Romanization :
Kim Seung Yoo : nal ttara myeon, deo eomun gosaeng giriyo…
Lee Se Ryung : jeoseung girieodo… Johseumnida.

Translation :
Kim Seung Yoo : If you follow me, there will be an endless road of hardship…
Lee Se Ryung : Even if it’s a road to death… I will still follow you.

Quotes : 공주의 남자 Ep. 21 (00:37:29 Hanrel)~