Sunday, June 28, 2009

why did no one ever tell me it was smudged from the very beginning!!!!!???!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
*pissed off*

Monday, June 22, 2009

ta-da!!!! i had frank as my model to layer it and my sis there to style it. (yup that's my sis underneath, while she was watching zettai kareshi for the whole day)


used this super hard styling wax called hex.

looks super nice from this pic, but is only so-so (actually sucks) in real life. oh well. since i kept it back in the bag, it might look worse. have to restyle whenever i use.
spams of new posts and i'm aching all over from the badminton yesterday. will post vgl later. wahahah.
maomao helped fix my shirogane skull. then spray painted silver on sat. YES workshop re-opened.

and the whole stick repainted gold.
redid my undertaker chain belt as well! previously only used a standard fancy template pendant. since i have the picture now i redid it so it's more accurate.

omg! i think my silver glue and the patterns behind looks damn nice. too bad i have to overspray them T_T


sort of fixed the robe's sleeves as well so it's not so twirly.
spent sunday working on iljimae. nothing much, just sewed zips on the 2 vests and mounted the already done chest plates there.


the back

shoulder pad

oh and i bought leather on friday, so redid the gloves as well.

Monday, June 15, 2009

i was angry at myself because i forgot to bring such a large hat over to frank's house, and i only realised it when i reached redhill.

almost wanted to give up going after all, but i'm glad i persevered in the end. seriously, preparation in the toilet is no fun at all. at least the day was fun.

but at night i'm tossing and turning... only to find i'm full of mistakes again. sighs.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

i tried washing my wig once and i got a tangled mess in the end, so i won't try dyeing my wigs.

i think this tutorial is great. will use it to darken my oh-so-bright yasuaki wig. AND avoid tangles.

first i need to get a sharpie.. i guess.

How to Dye a Synthetic Wig

great website! and its tutorials are simple enough!

Monday, June 08, 2009

prototype for my skully walking stick. yes, molded the skull face myself, and smoothened it in the weekends.
needs some painting now...


OH. it's supposed to be light brown? damn. gotta repaint...
worked on the scythe over the weekend and fixed my fishbone. added 2 more rings on the bottom joint too.
all while watching nodame cantabile drama version. i think i got frank and val hooked too. lols. we weren't very productive that day haahah

fishbone tail. now it has 6... uh.. bones?

the joint with my ugly curls. gahhhs.
repainted pinwheel with added shades the previous weekend... blahs. looks more realistic... i hope.


Friday, June 05, 2009

i'm kinda sad cos i just finished reading all the twilight books! damn. i chionged too much on books nowadays so all i can do now is tie a ribbon to my bookmark. such quick progress.


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

i've decided to do the pink bookmark prop for my undertaker! (easiest and cheapest, anyway)
so i managed to cut the stuff out yesterday in 1.5hours.

the front



the back



i think i'll use it for my books. hoho. just need pink ribbons now. maybe i'll do the pink pen too.

YES YES YES finally my taobao order from ning came!!! my new wig for undertaker!!! YAHOOOOOO


loving it.

the yasuaki one not as nice though.. it's a bright, fake, green. sighs.

Monday, June 01, 2009

i went to the ff distant world.. oh like eons ago (now then i post).

it was supeeeeeeeeer!

me and evelyn ran out the moment the 2 encores ended. and i got 2 of nobuo's signature on my ff8 and ff10 soundtracks!! WAHOOO!.

and nobuo is so cute. eee i want to shake his hands. and nope, i didn't give me resume to them. wo xi huan he pi jiu.

more reviews on my company blog here!
maomao won 2nd for lich king and i benefited from the win.
so i got to eat the first ever tsukemen i spotted in singapore from santouka at central. YAHOO~ love the egg!!!!!!!!!