Friday, February 28, 2014

140228 Day 2 Sentosa Water Cove

the next day, we headed down for a splash! yay! i like our entrance photo *_*

some photos of the area - i took it after we finished all the rides.

the tidal wave area is pretty fun!

this thing takes more than 30mins to queue but it's totally worth it. the one on the right, not the duelling one. it speeds upwards then spirals really fast down. comparable to a roller coaster!

some kiddy rides we went on as well. hahah!

there's a restaurant but we didn't go of course.

the scuba diving area is quite cute as well. the water is super salty! this is as close to scuba as i'll ever get. you can touch the fishes if you can outswim them too.

we took a lot of photos by the waterpark people but it was so expensive to get them that i gave up all of them. at least 70+ for the cd. it was crazy. gotta be contented with my own shots i guess.

and then it was dinner~~ ate at a taiwan restaurant at harbourfront. but it was only so so...

shopped around vivo for a while then headed back to lug our luggage home. gotta rise at 4am for wedding tomorrow, so early rest today! and i still gotta cut his hair for tomorrow... wwwwwoa. heheheh not that i don't like it!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

140227 Day 1 Arrival

time to blog about my 00's trip earlier this year! he flew over specially for my sis' wedding. picked him up really super early (first bus over in fact) in the morning. we then checked into one of the airbnb areas we booked at dakota.

it's big enough for 2 with a private shower (but it wasn't working zzz). the beds weren't that clean, but it's still livable. pretty value for money at only 39/night! better than most hotels in fact. there's a kitchen just outside also since it's a shared house, but used for rental. so most of the people there are all foreigners.

we went to bugis area next and walked along the arab street. saw a cafe that was lining with people and we couldn't help but join in for lunch. the velvet cake was not too bad, but we were pretty full and couldn't finish it. even if we only had a shared pasta. tequila sunrise is nice. i'm surprised they serve alcohol as the waiters were mostly malays. it's pretty value for money here btw!

we walked around and eventually ended up doing a couple spa. haha. the day was hot so it was good that we did it. but honestly, if you want a massage, the one at batam is so much cheaper. i think we spent like $99+ /couple. and it was just massage anyway.

since we walked so much, we eventually tire out and went back to rest early. haha. i think we went back around 6-7 plus thinking to get out for dinner after a nap, but we slept all the way till morning in the end. we woke up really early that day you see... hahahah!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

140212 FF13 LR Launch

and so we went to the Lightning Returns launch at St James as one of the cosplayers. it was an honor to do Yun Fang at my beloved Square Enix event!!

so the day before i realised some of my items were really broken. so i had to redo mainly the necklace and my boots. cut all the pieces via foam and painted them.

 and my boots to resew

and in the evening we headed down for the event! so exciting!

we changed and waited at the back for the event to start. the event prizes were awesome - ps 3, vita, the new games, figurines. omg. i wished i was one of the lucky draw contestants. we didn't even get any memorabilia T_T

so anyway here's me with one of the pretty staff who ushered us.

we were told to pose in front of the stage for people to take pictures. it was awkward.

it was quite awkward for me and kaien actually. but so glad later on, lots of other ff cosplayers came too~

the presentation was done and we could eat the refreshments around and selfie with lightning standees

when the event is over and people started to clear, we could really take photos with the background before they tore it down!

we then went to mac to have a short dinner before going home. and met a bunch of ff cosplayer team who gave us a puzzle stack of namecards!! so cool!!

and that concludes the event~