Thursday, February 26, 2009

take the doubutsu uranai test!
just key in your name, gender and birthdate and the following rubbish will generate. ah yes, i'm too bored.


You are Purple Koala, who gives an impression of leading a steady life and a gentle person.
But your attitude is active and can do things that surprise those around you.
You have totally different personality inside and outside.
When the hidden characteristic suddenly comes out, you shock people.
But truly, you are natural and honest person.
You are not pretentious, so people feel safe to have relationship with you.
Nevertheless, you want to make things clear.
You would say whatever you feel necessary to comment on.
To those around you, you are an important person, who would advice them on something others would not.
You are rather cautious, and will not easily show your true feelings to others.
When your pride is badly damaged, you will get angry.
You take good care of the others, and if something happens to your friend, you will worry about it just as it happened to you.
You are big-hearted person.
You can be very calculative, but will stop trying very easily.
In every day life, you are well planned, and are sensitive to interests and bargaining.
Your health tends to be uneven, but you are talkative and energetic.
You are very active and move around constantly.
Although you have foresight, you tend to get caught by things that are under your nose, so you should be careful not to extend your activities too much.
But once married, you will eventually settle down.
ahahahah this is so so true...

Monday, February 23, 2009

attempted to fix my kureha costume over the weekend while watching choon hyang with my sister. (well, since my sister was watching it on her laptop, i joined in for certain parts as well, so i now know roughly what happens in the whole story ahhaha)

first i sewed that stupid zig zag part at the edge. which my mom thought i was doing some sort of dinosaur costume. grrr. i just sew the zig zag lines, cut the excess and flip it around, then sew along the edge again. this was then joined to the main top.

at least now it looks zig zaggy, not flipping randomnly like the last one.


then i mended the edges for the sleeves


replaced the satin fraying ribbons with the lacy ones i bought at arab street


added a little lace on the ribbon and velcro on the underside so it's detachable. that way i can reuse the hairband for other stuff.


ooh i love all the lacy stuff. they add depth to your costume. but i think the satin was better for the ribbon though... arghhh whatever. i'm not gonna unstitch again. i'm wasting SO MUCH TIME unstitching all the costumes. yikes.

gonna start fixing all my other old cosplay works as well...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

i've no idea why this game is so unpopular. (well actually as a matter of fact i do)
but i still love it anyway.
and maybe because no one likes it that's why i like it too. there's so few discussions (most are at gamefaqs), no soundtracks to be found, only screenshots (seldom artwork) at gamefaqs/gameguides, and just 1 cosplay (luckily it's pretty good imo).

i posted this in sgcafe as well and it was said that the graphics are so-so. but on gamefaqs some thinks it's one of the best on psp. i agree. and the characters are gorgeous!
if you like this game, join the discussion here! the thread's pretty quiet though... sighhs.

Valen Kessler

main character of the story. has an award for the most feminine looking guy ever in gaming history.

Euphe Kalm

this was the cosplay that i found. yep, the one and only cosplay of dragoneer's aria. i still can't believe it.

Mary Murphy

a kid pirate. actually owns a ship with a team of pirates. carries a gun as big as her. wow.

Ruslan Avelith

i love this elf. he's cynical he's still amazing. or maybe i just like white/silver haired guys.

Sonia Panova

leader of the dragoons.

Langley Baldwin

best friend of valen. very proud of his dragoon heritage.

Lucien Blaine

first dragoneer we'd encounter. eee why do they have to give such a nice name to him. but he has white hair. still attractive. mmmm.

Nikita Reil

another nikita. i just finished whopping her ass for the 3rd time. wonder if she's gonna die soon.
wanted to do sewing instead of crafts on my saturday, so i went to reform one of the shirtdress i had.

here's the before look (actually i've already started on it before i realised i should take the before/after pictures so the collars are cut and the satin sleeves are hidden in)

and here's the reformed look after giving the cut collars some pleated satin, added on sleeves and lined some ribbon applique over the pleated satins along the neckline and sleeves hole. have also cut a bit of the skirt so it flows diagonally, but the effect is not obvious. didn't remove part of the metal hole studs cos it gives a corset feeling when worn, which is not so bad. kind of low cut overall though but of cos i can always pair it with a tube.



actually wanted the sleeves to be split so i can put a button but in the end both sleeves split in the same direction so it looks kinda awkward so i stitched up the split.

i bet no one can understand what i'm saying. but i'm typing for myself, so what's wrong. xD
managed do some shopping at arab street during lunch and got the red tassels for my ginshu.

aside from the color combi i kinda like this coat cos i used all my hidden stitches here and sewed the enzyme buttons such that it can be used 2ways. the red panels are even removable! hahahah.
i realised that i haven't painted the nails for ginshu's feet scales. i think he should have some there... right. and i'm looking for this 'shoe'/sole that sticks to the bottom of your feet but doesn't have any straps. far east used to have them in one of those cart shops. wonder if it's still around.

Monday, February 16, 2009

and then i spent vday fixing my iljimae.
realised that i should fix on some hooks and switch the position of the red flannels. then i stitched it on the wrong side and had to unstitch and restitch again. sighss.



i'm doing a lot of things that looks like i haven't improved anything but yeah, trust me, i am trying to improve them.

then i did the belt. at first i was in a shocking realisation cos i thought there were supposed to be 3 rings. then i realised my eye was playing a trick on me, but i had cut the straps too early and made a mistake, so had to reattach further length to make it longer.


in the end the magnetic buttons fell off so i went to buy some silver buttons. but my eyes failed me again and i got one with bevels on the side. sighhs.

cut the mask shap and the chin armour. but it looks REALLY weird. and i snipped the left side of my patterned cut while trying to shape the chin armour around the mask. sucks. glueing doesn't even help.


my happiest has to be when i dry test my set, but of cos i'm not gonna post the picture here xp despite how horrible they all look, it makes sense when it comes together.

by the way, all the black paint is shaving off. gonna redo ALL the spray painted parts with my newly found black leather. no more spray paint.
i spent the whole week cutting the shape, painting, letting it dry then glueing it together in a patch. but now that i have them here, i'm wondering how on earth i can glue it to my face. ughh.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

shocking realization.


kaname?! i didn't take a picture with him!!! luckily i took 3 clouds. i thought the hair he did for cloud was super nice and accurate. i think that day he was pretty swarmed.


and kanon. i recognized him so i took a photo with him. love his squall leonhart cosplays!

and they are both on curecos! nice.

and the other fan club i subscribed to - kamotty. i think she's really versatile. i love ALL her saiunkoku cosplays. she did the best sakujun!

li kouyuu



ran shuuei

the ran twins

and i realised i like all the 'k's.

Monday, February 09, 2009

i thought i didn't bring in my red cloth from malaysia so after packing my room (specifically the few display cupboards i have+storeroom) the whole morning... i managed to whip out this alucard hellsing costume i once had, which i handsewed. it was so terrible that i ripped the thread seams out to use it as normal cloth while watching la corda d'oro.
and i managed to complete my ginshu's shawl using a new hidden seam stitch i learned. used it for the whole piece, yes xo

and while i was resewing the red hair tie for kimimaro, i sewed one for ginshu's as well.

now all that's left for ginshu is his scales...
bought this white wig from one of the tw websites through a spree and managed to cut it over the weekend.
it looks kinda thin from the site, but i didn't know it would be so thin. balding scalp. sighs.
but at least it still looks decent after i gave it a cut. this photo makes it look good for some reason. doesn't look as good when worn though.
kudos to my sister for being my wig model. :D i do so want to post her wearing the wig here but i think she'll kill me.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

and after bai-nian-ing on tuesday at denzyl's... managed to fix my jeong ho costume while watching hitman reborn and vampire knight guilty xD since i had a bit of time for mini fixes.
fixed the 2 eyelets on the top

and attached the tassels... finally. bought them so long ago.

and the yellow tassel that i attached to the fan my mom got from china... did this sooo long ago.
i love mondays because i get to go home early. so i had some time to work on my kimimaro pants. with only the wig problem left, i'll be able to go for the photoshoot on 21st :D


and this bone sword i made quite some time ago. paper rolled up, with sponge around the tsuba-bobbed area, then white spray paint. accidentally deleted the full-length picture. oh well.


the tapes peeling are a bit obvious. we'll see what else can be done to improve... maybe more tapes??? (-_-`)

Monday, February 02, 2009

over cny i actually managed to do both ginshu and iljimae. managed to get a better spray for my iljimae armour
mask reference
still yet completed though. trying to figure out how to put the prints in.
top with the sleeves a bit wrong
sleeves detached and resewn a bit closer to the neckline
i made a huge mistake on the top though. can you spot it??
his belt
and the armour plates. realised he has an extra leg plate
arm guard (before)
arm guard (after)
shoulder guard (before)
shoulder guard (after)
chest plate (before)
chest plate (after)
back plate - a reference
and the back plate (before)
back plate and etc (after)
there SHOULD be a difference. if not it's my phone camera's fault. xp