Monday, February 16, 2009

and then i spent vday fixing my iljimae.
realised that i should fix on some hooks and switch the position of the red flannels. then i stitched it on the wrong side and had to unstitch and restitch again. sighss.



i'm doing a lot of things that looks like i haven't improved anything but yeah, trust me, i am trying to improve them.

then i did the belt. at first i was in a shocking realisation cos i thought there were supposed to be 3 rings. then i realised my eye was playing a trick on me, but i had cut the straps too early and made a mistake, so had to reattach further length to make it longer.


in the end the magnetic buttons fell off so i went to buy some silver buttons. but my eyes failed me again and i got one with bevels on the side. sighhs.

cut the mask shap and the chin armour. but it looks REALLY weird. and i snipped the left side of my patterned cut while trying to shape the chin armour around the mask. sucks. glueing doesn't even help.


my happiest has to be when i dry test my set, but of cos i'm not gonna post the picture here xp despite how horrible they all look, it makes sense when it comes together.

by the way, all the black paint is shaving off. gonna redo ALL the spray painted parts with my newly found black leather. no more spray paint.

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