Monday, February 23, 2009

attempted to fix my kureha costume over the weekend while watching choon hyang with my sister. (well, since my sister was watching it on her laptop, i joined in for certain parts as well, so i now know roughly what happens in the whole story ahhaha)

first i sewed that stupid zig zag part at the edge. which my mom thought i was doing some sort of dinosaur costume. grrr. i just sew the zig zag lines, cut the excess and flip it around, then sew along the edge again. this was then joined to the main top.

at least now it looks zig zaggy, not flipping randomnly like the last one.


then i mended the edges for the sleeves


replaced the satin fraying ribbons with the lacy ones i bought at arab street


added a little lace on the ribbon and velcro on the underside so it's detachable. that way i can reuse the hairband for other stuff.


ooh i love all the lacy stuff. they add depth to your costume. but i think the satin was better for the ribbon though... arghhh whatever. i'm not gonna unstitch again. i'm wasting SO MUCH TIME unstitching all the costumes. yikes.

gonna start fixing all my other old cosplay works as well...

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