Thursday, February 19, 2009

i've no idea why this game is so unpopular. (well actually as a matter of fact i do)
but i still love it anyway.
and maybe because no one likes it that's why i like it too. there's so few discussions (most are at gamefaqs), no soundtracks to be found, only screenshots (seldom artwork) at gamefaqs/gameguides, and just 1 cosplay (luckily it's pretty good imo).

i posted this in sgcafe as well and it was said that the graphics are so-so. but on gamefaqs some thinks it's one of the best on psp. i agree. and the characters are gorgeous!
if you like this game, join the discussion here! the thread's pretty quiet though... sighhs.

Valen Kessler

main character of the story. has an award for the most feminine looking guy ever in gaming history.

Euphe Kalm

this was the cosplay that i found. yep, the one and only cosplay of dragoneer's aria. i still can't believe it.

Mary Murphy

a kid pirate. actually owns a ship with a team of pirates. carries a gun as big as her. wow.

Ruslan Avelith

i love this elf. he's cynical he's still amazing. or maybe i just like white/silver haired guys.

Sonia Panova

leader of the dragoons.

Langley Baldwin

best friend of valen. very proud of his dragoon heritage.

Lucien Blaine

first dragoneer we'd encounter. eee why do they have to give such a nice name to him. but he has white hair. still attractive. mmmm.

Nikita Reil

another nikita. i just finished whopping her ass for the 3rd time. wonder if she's gonna die soon.

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