Tuesday, February 26, 2008

and the final piece for my gwendolyn outfit, the feather head-dress.


i hope it doesn't' fall all over the place later on. my only worry is how i can clip it on... the wig. haha.
here's my latest completion... sushi!

chomp chomp. a close-up!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i'm so bored. anyway i've recently remodelled my byakua costume. last time it was handsewn with lame alternate stitches, so i took them off and replaced it with machine stitch, sewing up the edges as well. also replaced my crayon drawn patterns and six symbol with black cloth (which was a pain to stitch on). looks so much better now!
from last year the unchanged objects were the kenseikan,


and the straw sandals,


and the new remodelled stuff!
first the top


a closer view. i replaced the string ties to enzyme buckles.


and the sleeves. made it so that the white stitches doesn't seem so obvious from the iside.


the pants. initially it was sewed on to another real pants, but i separated them and made the waist size much smaller. (it was like waist 50 ahahah overestimated due to the pleats.)
here's the front of it,


and the back of it.


not much difference except the back has this buckle.


also the taichou coat. the inside is black! last time you were able to see a lot of white stitches from the inside. but now i've hidden them all :D


the back of the coat with the six symbol.


a closer look at the six symbol. this was hell. it was not only difficult to sew on but because of the crayon markings previously, it turned my sewing machine black (my hands too). and it made a lot of smudges around. gotta send it for bleaching soon.


same for the patterns.


lastly, the shawl. not much to look at. it is very very long.


same for the obi.

i tried making a blue rose out of cloth as a departure / vday present for xm.

i couldn't really stick a stem in since the weight of the cloth was too much so i entwined it around a safety pin to function as a brooch instead.

hope it didn't add to her overloaded luggage!
saw this at mini toons and went to make one myself. :D it's a good investment!

shiroko-chan is its official name! i have desiced that it will be a boy. too bad i used blue pen to draw the templates so there seems to be some blue stuff all over. yikes. i brought it back to malaysia with me for the new year haha.

then the night after i went to bai nian at denzyl's, i saw this really nice foodie diy at comics and decided i would post my finished work here.

here's the finished bread set. i didn't do the chocolate bread since it's almost the same as the butter one.

and i recently got another macdonald's set! just finished it... the drink look the weirdest. i think the template they gave was kinda wrong.


by the way if you wanna do this, this website might help on how to do those blanket stitches.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

thriller by lizards

and their part 2.

and final fantasy's thriller, created quite long ago.

Sunday, February 03, 2008