Wednesday, February 20, 2008

saw this at mini toons and went to make one myself. :D it's a good investment!

shiroko-chan is its official name! i have desiced that it will be a boy. too bad i used blue pen to draw the templates so there seems to be some blue stuff all over. yikes. i brought it back to malaysia with me for the new year haha.

then the night after i went to bai nian at denzyl's, i saw this really nice foodie diy at comics and decided i would post my finished work here.

here's the finished bread set. i didn't do the chocolate bread since it's almost the same as the butter one.

and i recently got another macdonald's set! just finished it... the drink look the weirdest. i think the template they gave was kinda wrong.


by the way if you wanna do this, this website might help on how to do those blanket stitches.

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