Wednesday, October 22, 2014

141022 Departure

... and i woke up around 4.30 (only slept for less than 3hrs) to get ready to depart. T_T

we ate some mochi at the airport as it was covered with the traditional flakes used in the sesame seolbing i love.

and some pictures before we bade farewell...

and then time for plane food...

and if you guys ever stop over at vietnam you'll need this. though the speed sucks big time. had to spend US2.50 to buy that minute maid so i can get the password. ughhh.

and 8hrs later.. back in singapore again. i was lazy and took a taxi home for like the first time. it was only 8pm too...

141222 Roman Spa

eventhough i've been here for about 3 times, still took some photos to remind me of the winter here.

yes it was freeeeeeezing..

we went to eat at my favourite roe rice place with genjo and jeongho; then desserts at seol-bing - my fav sweet potato on the left and a new choco flavour on the right. yes we were having ice cream. hahah! some cheese ddok behind as well.

had to wait about 4-5pm before people started to appear, because we were headed for a group trip at the local sauna.

so we rolled around in the sauna with boo, genjo, chimo, kyungmin, kyunghwan, ark, myeongseon till about 8pm. hohoh.. there was a doctor fish there for just 5000won! why not!!! i had wanted to try it. and all of us did it at once.

it was a tingly itchy feeling but i loved it. i left about 9pm with namchin and jeongho for a phone trade at suwon later. drove almost an hour to the place and got my new phone, the LG G3, in gold!

i got the second hand phone for about 300,000 won. not so bad. there was a knock at the right corner but it came with an extra battery and was almost new. love it!!! we then went to have dinner at the bulddokpeggi place - my treat since the guys drove all the way over. yay! even though it closed down in yongin we still found it here. wheeeee.

passed my jeongho's school in hwaseong too. look at the grand entrance!!

i'm wearing so much cos i'm cooooold but the guys seem totally alright =_=

and then we hopped in the warm car and drove back yong in.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

141021 Yongin

and so with the rain coming non-stop, we spent the last day at yongin.
the bulddukpeggi (beef soup) place we always went to closed down! so we went for the alternative near the supermart. which wasn't too bad.

thanks to lucy's selfie stick we can finally take decent group pictures. whee!

here's rio cutting the dalddukgi like a korean.

and our lovely meal. they refused to let me take off that mint leaf. ughh. gamja-tang (beef potato soup) and our buldukpeggi (beef soup). yum~

after our meal, we went for karaoke!! yay-hayyy. gotta love the rooms.

i kinda like this pic with all the heads of CSL. and my darling.

we also managed to sit on disco pang-pang after that. it's almost a 15-20mins ride and it can be super interesting depending on the dj. he talks to everyone and keeps trying to shake us off the seats. it was fun!

and back in yong-in, we ordered the chicken that taeyong wanted rio to try out. we also watched movies in our room, but it was all anime movies since rio couldn't understand korean/english well enough.

had a little hiccup with mr kong because he slipped off halfway without finishing the movie. :( nappeun nom.

and so my last night in korea ends T_____T

Monday, October 20, 2014

141020 Myeongdong

our plans to everland went to waste when we saw impending rain approaching. so we changed it to a shopping day instead and went over to myeongdong. ooh teddy museum in the middle of myeong dong! didn't go in cos entrance fees were required.

after we were done with all the cosmetics we needed, we walked to insadong and saw the bubble man on our way.

and the last trick he did was so pretty~ he filled the place with lots of bubbles!

there was a cafe street around myeongdong and insadong so we walked the stretch?

heard this cafe is very famous and a lot of couples go there. you have to climb the stairs to check out how it looks like...

ooh i can't remember where this is but if you ever pass by on the way around insadong be sure to eat it!
we bought 2 sticks for each flavour to share and try since we were gonna have dinner later. evil face on d-man...

and for dinner we ate at the buffet place again! they have branches in several places.

you can order dwaengjjang soup and mushroom bibimbap which will be delivered to your seat. whoooo. it's so nice! dinner is awesome. too bad there was no ice persimmon. i think lunch is more worth it, since dinner is an extra 7-8k won and there's really not much difference.

back at yongin we went to try jimjjibbang!!! sauna! just like the korea drama. heheh.
after the usual jump naked and soak yourselves in the hot pools... we gathered at the central area to drink cold ssikge (some rice drink) and eat hard-boiled eggs. they just taste so good for some strange reasons!!

yes we're so happy to be drinking it then. us 2 foreigners hehehehe. and look at the sheep towel we did~ finally!!

there was also the cold and hot rooms to go in so we explored all the places. the room is super hot here...

and we rested a bit in singapore hot temperature room. the sweat from just being there for less than 20secs...

and we went to the super cold room after that~ huddles!

must thank the missing man kyung in for taking all our pics. it was so fun to go in a group!

but actually we were making so much noises at around 12am.. that a drunk man came to shut off the tv and confront us. almost ended up in a fight but dman stopped the guy. wowww i kinda missed half of it cos i fell asleep and was only woken up by the shouting noises, and lucy explained what happened to me later on.

too bad. but anyway we left around 1am or so after it was resolved, although it really wasn't our fault and it's a public place also! the manager apologised but oh well, interesting anyway!

so we went back to yongin and it was still slightly drizzling... and had a good sleep~