Saturday, October 11, 2014

141011 LoL Champs Arrival

ok..... so i flew off on friday night and reached Korea on saturday morning 730am.
i seem to have had this meal a number of times already. still not bad for chicken noodles~

there seem to be a new regulation as dogs were around to sniff out suspicious goods. almost thought my bee cheng hiang will kena, but i guess their noses were meant for other things~

my dearie came to pick me up and we headed to Yongin.

only to know i was supposed to pack my make up and stuff so that we would head straight off to LoL champs.. to cosplay!!

and i was gonna do sivir.... wahhhhh.

photoshoot time was about 2 hrs, and we could take off after that. managed to snap some pics with the lovely ladies before i changed out!

with pion, riha and bomi from the left. sorry i look so shitty.

and that's the end of the job~ we had korean bbq at shinchon after that. nice knowing all the new members! (but i feel so old bleahhh)

the next day i have my topik but i really didn't study much cos i kinda gave up. anyway it was good i didn't because nothing much i studied came out anyway. bleahs.

went to jamsil to have dinner with mr k as the lol champ was still ongoing. wheeeee. but it was the same korean bbq as yesterday T___________T

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