Tuesday, October 14, 2014

101415 MBS Dramia

we took bus 10 to pyeon-something (opposite of suwon), then waited for the bus but realised we would have to wait almost an hour! so we took a taxi to MBS dramia straight instead. bus schedule here~

spotted a yellow spider around the bus stop.. ughh..

and we're here!!! the tickets are not so expensive i think it was 5k or so? and sometimes they do filming here, but we were unlucky that day cos there was no filming. but in a way there was also nobody around so we could roam the place freely.

the place where almost all historical dramas are shot. and i just realised that for the Night Watchmen series, they made us of like 90% of the places here!! how many dramas can you recognise!!!

and taking with jung il woo~~

and we start with dae jang geum~~

and the mei ran bang of Night Watchmen... wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! it's so prettyyyyyyY~!

some rich men houses! amazingly there's not a lot of people around at all. in fact i think in total for the whole area there was probably like less than 5 visitors. suprising. 

medicine shop?

the village!

recognise this street area? heh.

and we go into the palace! used by queen seondeok and moon embraces sun.

magistrate house. i'm sure it appeared in plenty of dramas.

oh look the new magistrate!

there's another magistrate area with a prison cell... i think arang was filmed here~

and up up to the temple in night watchmen, where the hidden imperial treasure was at.

had to climb a bit but there was a good view~

met a stray hungry kitty who gets to eat our sandwich...

and here we are at the moon embrace sun location~~

behind there was a little pillar where night watchmen was filmed as well in the episodes 22 or so.

and we then move on to mishil's area..... wheeee

and then we went over to the other side with another village area and castle fort

and up on the castle~

view from up there

can you see what's in the forest...

it's the corpse that was used as sadan in Night watchmen... ughhh why did they just leave it there... lol.

time to climb down and head into the village

cosplaying as joseon villagers. hurhur.

this windmill area appeared in night watchmen as well~

and we head into the sports complex...

we had an hour till our bus came, so we went to the costumes area...!!

so you can pick any of the costumes displayed here to try

i was much fascinated by queen seondeok's costume since i wanted to make it... but it couldn't be tried on as it costs over 10,000+++ sgd ughhh

ended up trying seondeok's blue costume for 15k won!

picture in mishil's chambers...

and in the study room

i even took with bidam...................... hehehhe for an additional 15k as a souvenir for myself. whee hee. looks quite realistic eh. you could choose the top banner also but i don't know why seondeok banner was not available. bleh.

and then we took the bus back. ate at this shop called bapool at yongin city. a set is at 19k won and can be eaten by 2 or 3 person. it comes with the steamboat ddokppogi and a honey pizza

and kimchi fried rice at the end!

ordered a crab quiche to try. looks cute.

although we were pretty full, mr k insisted we try the seolbing in yongin. since there's always a separate stomach for desserts... why not??

we ordered the goguma (sweet potato) bingsu that comes with an ice cream, macadamia and almond nuts, cheese chunks and mochi pieces.. it was THE BEST BINGSU i'VE EVER EATEN!!!!!!!!! no kidding. everyone should try if they visit korea!! they've a few branches everywhere!!!!!!!

drape it with condensed milk and with the traditional cream crust used in some ddok desserts.... whooooaaaa

i never knew that those nuts go SO WELL with gogume ice cream. inside the ice cream was more goguma hidden. whoaaaa it was really a surprise by surpise with each mouthful. T____T so niceeeeeee

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