Thursday, October 16, 2014

141016 Miyazaki Museum

miyazaki day today!!

went over to yongsan and saw the posters everywhere already.

but lunch is more important. we were looking around and landed in a place we didn't intend to go... and eating buffet because there was a lot of people queuing for it. it's called gyejeol babsang (seasonal rice i think). the food is all raised and grown by the owner.

we thought we might need to have desserts after that since you get a discount if you eat at the buffet place. but turns out... even the dessert at the buffet place was awesomeeeeeeeeeee

it's a korean-style buffet for about 13,900 at 12-4pm... and i must say... the buffet is totally worth it!!! it might be the best buffet i've ever eaten in my life!!!

i might have placed it in a non-appealing way but every single item on my place. was delicious. no kidding. never found a buffet that tasted so awesome. i will come back each time man..... even the price is worth it!

my favourite - bulgogi porridge, corn soup and dwaenjang jjige. all seriously superb tasting. and the matcha/vanilla ice cream!! and that ice persimmon!! omg!!! and we were recreating yesterday's seolbing at a buffet price!! hahahah.

with lunch outta the way... time for miyazaki!

and we start with howl's moving castle

an infinite mirror that reflected the great pastures... nice use

next was princess mononoke, the only show in the whole miyazaki series i watched. hahah.

there was a show playing here and when it stopped the antelope reveals. pretty cool.

the raccoon series

my neighbour totoro next!

the fiery pigggggg

last was spirited away!

mr k must be v tired...

and out we go to the souvenir shop

and you get a blank sticker to paste on the wall of fame too. found a spot to paste!

ta-da~ see our little spiders...!?

we headed to myeongdong next for my cosmetic shopping, before returning to yongin for the day. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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