Tuesday, October 21, 2014

141021 Yongin

and so with the rain coming non-stop, we spent the last day at yongin.
the bulddukpeggi (beef soup) place we always went to closed down! so we went for the alternative near the supermart. which wasn't too bad.

thanks to lucy's selfie stick we can finally take decent group pictures. whee!

here's rio cutting the dalddukgi like a korean.

and our lovely meal. they refused to let me take off that mint leaf. ughh. gamja-tang (beef potato soup) and our buldukpeggi (beef soup). yum~

after our meal, we went for karaoke!! yay-hayyy. gotta love the rooms.

i kinda like this pic with all the heads of CSL. and my darling.

we also managed to sit on disco pang-pang after that. it's almost a 15-20mins ride and it can be super interesting depending on the dj. he talks to everyone and keeps trying to shake us off the seats. it was fun!

and back in yong-in, we ordered the chicken that taeyong wanted rio to try out. we also watched movies in our room, but it was all anime movies since rio couldn't understand korean/english well enough.

had a little hiccup with mr kong because he slipped off halfway without finishing the movie. :( nappeun nom.

and so my last night in korea ends T_____T

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