Friday, October 17, 2014

141017 Interview

since lucy and pion were sleeping in, i had to move up if not i'll need to squeeze in. hurhur. got to bunk in at mr k's upper room~

today was a pretty relaxing day. accidentally deleted pudding camera but i managed to find candy cam, which was quite a nice app and tested out some shots. out of bed look and heading down afterwards!

and then i headed over to the office to see how the guys were doing. they were cleaning the area as a filming team from england arrives to interview. 

and our studio is ready!

the guys came in around 12+ and started almost a whole day of interview... whoa.

i ended up having to answer some questions, hope i didn't stumble too much. some questions were quite difficult and tricky......... =_=

while they wore pulse ezreal and headed out for shots, we stayed in a bummed around. tried the virtual tour set that mr k bought as well.

so that was what we did for the whole day. song-sem went to pick rio-chan, our japanese guest, from the airport and at night we went for ... yet another korean bbq at the self-serve in yongin. taeyeon also arrived, albeit too late for the interview. but we ate with the interview people and managed to chat a bit.

the room is packed today with pion, lucy, taeyeon and rio, so pion decided to head home for the night to have a better sleep..! luckily i was sleeping in another room if not bunking with so many people can be quite uncomfortable... :( tomorrow we rise for rehearsal...!

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