Sunday, October 19, 2014

141019 LoL World Cup

the day is finally here! i woke up around 5am to start my make up since we needed to get to the place by 830am. 1.5hrs of prep. yawnssss.

we then set up and started to wear our costumes. the early morning was impossibly cold. we were all rather worried. but as noon approaches, it got hot. the variance in the weather is really........ x.x

after i was done and almost everyone else is ready except for the bigger coses (chogath and azir) i went around taking selfies. i think i shot everyone except for shen, zed, azir and chogath.... T_T

piltover first!! jiparam was inside jayce btw, that's lucy as kathleen and taeyeon as mafia jinx

and the lovely/sexy ladies team! met kamw in our last hangzhou trip and was glad to see her again in our team!! that costume is like nose-bleeed ughh

the fiery ahri by pion~

my boo is our katarina. her waist is like omg slim and flat belly please gosh.

haeseung was doing akairi but i think she didn't manage to finish her mask. whoops.

and the bustiful sivir by pretty genjo~

and our dear japanese guest rio who is so cool and pretty as kayle!!

and we have the team of cuties, with bomi and riha as the annies

cute lunabell as sonar

bukki as lulu!! so huggable

the heavy duty guys here! ark's lenses was scaring everyone off as draven.

that's waky as victor, who was traumatised having to fix the armour just a few mins before he wore it. lol.

and jungu returns as ezreal!

miracle-ssi's heavy duty armour made by song-sem. he's the awesome team member who baked lots of tarts, bread and food for the team. super professional. i did his make up! glad it looks good.

jeonghun-ssi did mordekaiser. couldn't walk around much.

managed to find a straying jinx from mexico, named nadia who is like a super replica of jinx... whoa!

glad giro was around for this shot! see her expressions! so jinx!!

also managed to meet the creator/artist of VI!!! what an honor!!!!! *on my left

our performance can be found here if you're interested!!

walking around and to our photozone area was quite tiring... people were swarming everywhere!!!

and how can i forget the person who made everything happened, who made the armours of jayce, victor, vi, sivir and several others... my dear love

and our whole team, together with all the helpers who were really great contributors and came whenever we needed them for all the random repairs, energy regeneration etc. thank you everyone!!

ooh by the way, i did manage to find chogath and azir here~

you can see a lot more photos here on CSL facebook on the full length pic for all our characters!

after we all stripped out of our costume, managed to get some time to explore the whole place as civilian... whee!

heee i have to take with vi right

all the figures on display~

mini lulu roaming around!

tickets obtained

we had to queue insanely to get into the competition area...

and when we got in...

and the show begins!!

the opening with we are the champions was really grand and even if you're not a fan, you become a fan immediately. there was even fireworks. whoooooa!

when the event was over, we went to a beer house to celebrate~~

it was a loooooooooooooooong but very fulfilling day. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. the only regret i had was drawing my VI tattoo as IV instead as you may have noticed in some pictures, and only able to correct it like much later right before the performance T_____T

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