Tuesday, October 14, 2014

141014 Taeyan Beach

so the guys worked hard all night to finish azir for the shoot today and i even woke up early to do my make up.

we set off at about 1pm, driving about 3 hrs to taeyan.
only to realised, as i was halfway changing, that sivir wig wasn't there.

thus the shoot was cancelled and since we came all the way there, giro decided we'll just have some fun group and couple shots. so here's what we ended up with~!

couple shots!! looks so pre-wedding ish...

poor mr k wasa quite traumatised by not being able to do the shoot. it was cold so i was rather ok with not being able to do the shoot... though it was a waste cos the place is so nice... 2 shots from my pudding cam!

more couple shots~~ love mr k's look here *_*

i also like these solo shots giro took of me~

and we also did some hilarious jump shots!!!

the guys decided to have some fun on the beach with trying to balance on the stilts

myeonseon is pretty good eh!

since the guys were having fun themselves.. i went to join in toooo. why is ark dating my mr kong... nooooo

operation snatch success!

ark ended up taking photo for us

this was how it turned out with my drawn heart shape!

and then it was time to go...

last group shot before we head off!

we went to have bibimbap at a themed place nearby

wanted to have the crab set but it was over $50 per set so we all settled with bibimbap... it had a lot of funny veg inside but the taste when mixed was nice!

the side dishes had quails! nice.

and it was another 3hrs back home........!

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