Wednesday, October 18, 2006

1. My friends...
where are they?
2. I am listening to..
some serial drama dialogues from the living room
3. Maybe I should...
just slack all the way!!
4. I love...
squall leonhart!!
5. My plan...
don't seem to be able to be fulfilled
6. I don't understand...
why do you act that way... and why i respond that way.
7. I lost...
my life back there.
8. People say...
things that i don't want to hear
9. I'm missing...
life at morey's...
10. Love means...
being both tense and comfortable around that person
11. Somewhere, someone is...
waiting for me (HAHA)
12.I'm always searching for...
the answer.
13.Forever seems....
just like a fantasy.
14. I never want to....
do this to you.
15. My mobile phone...
has a byakuya wallpaper
16. When I wake up in the morning...
i sleep again and try to wake up again (and loop those actions)
17. I get annoyed when...
i get criticised in something i put in a lot of effort on
18. Parties are...
fun and annoying at the same time.
19. My cat is ...
that fat garfield downstairs heh.
20. Hug and kisses..
cookies and cream~
21. Today I...
had a marketing test and slacked all the way till now (i'm still slacking)
22. Tomorrow I will...
be working (haizzzzzzzz, boring)
23. I really want...
to get out of school
24. I...
am wondering why i'm doing this (-_-`)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Wini~!!!
(was just forced to add this in after seeing her an hour ago (-_-`) wahhaha. even if it is 3months late... oh well~)

Drinking Cold water after meal = Cancer!

For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you.
It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold
water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will
slow down the digestion.

Once this "sludge" reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed
by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine.

Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink
hot soup or warm water after a meal.

A serious note about heart attacks


Women should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be
the left arm hurting. Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line.

You may never have the first chest pain during the course of a heart

Nausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms.

60% of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do not
wake up.

Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep. Let's be careful
and be aware. The more we know, the better chance we could

A cardiologist says if everyone who gets this mail sends it to 10
people, you can be sure that we'll save at least one life. Read
this...It could save your life!!

Let's say it's 6.15 pm and you're driving home ..

Suddenly you start experiencing severe pain in your chest that
starts to radiate out into your arm and up into your jaw. You are
only about five miles from the hospital nearest your home.
Unfortunately you don't know if you'll be able to make it that far.
You have been trained in CPR, but the guy that taught the course did
not tell you how to perform it on yourself.


Since many people are alone when they suffer a heart attack, without
help, the person whose heart is beating improperly and who begins to
feel faint, has only about 10 seconds left before losing
However, these victims can help themselves by coughing repeatedly
and very vigorously. A deep breath should be taken before each
cough, deep and prolonged, as when producing sputum from deep inside
the chest.
A breath and a cough must be repeated about every two seconds
without let-up until help arrives, or until the heart is felt to be
beating normally again.
Deep breaths get oxygen into the lungs and coughing movements
squeeze the heart and keep the blood circulating. The squeezing
pressure on the heart also helps it regain normal rhythm.
In this way, heart attack victims can get to a hospital. Tell as
many other people as possible about this. It could save their
lives!! "