Monday, October 13, 2014

141013 Jejeon Cultural

so after much pestering, i managed to get mr k to take me to the iljimae shooting location. whee~!!

we took a bus from yongin for about 1hr, then at the terminal, took a taxi to the location that was about a 30mins ride. as mr k claims we're running out of time, we went by the expensive taxi method although there were buses that reach here........

whatever it is, we managed to reach! it is located rather high up..

entrance to the place

name of this place

 yay!~!! exploration!

sloping pathways that goes  up and down and up and down...


some stone pillars lined up fashionably

a stone that gives you luck when you touch it

a resting pavillion~

some unfinished construction... perhaps we'll see it in future dramas?

there was also a museum that tells of this area before it was covered in water.

after searching for some time and not being able to find the iljimae location, we decided to ask the people around... only to realised it's out of bounds now........... WHATTTTTTTT.

so with 1 place down, we went to climb the higher up temples instead since we had some time to spare. this is the pavillion we were climbing towards

spotted a tree whilst going up that was linked together so we took a photo with it~

view from up there is not too bad~

and down down we go again

and guess what... we found the iljimae location... but it was out of bounds due to some disagreements between the TV channel and owner of this area over profit sharing i guess..?!? sian. still, managed to grab some shots. heh.

so that's the end of the trip. we took a bus back to the terminal, didn't take v long, about 45mins or so, then had dinner at the station - army stew with beautifying effect!?

or at least that's what the self made noodle claims to be. hahah.

back at csl office, it seems that the people were hard at work on the costumes...

and our team leader song-sem managed to get us some ahris!!!!!!! i heard the queue was super long. this is somehow bigger than expected. but it's so cuuuuute. whee heee~ not bad as my payout for sivir. heh.

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