Wednesday, October 22, 2014

141222 Roman Spa

eventhough i've been here for about 3 times, still took some photos to remind me of the winter here.

yes it was freeeeeeezing..

we went to eat at my favourite roe rice place with genjo and jeongho; then desserts at seol-bing - my fav sweet potato on the left and a new choco flavour on the right. yes we were having ice cream. hahah! some cheese ddok behind as well.

had to wait about 4-5pm before people started to appear, because we were headed for a group trip at the local sauna.

so we rolled around in the sauna with boo, genjo, chimo, kyungmin, kyunghwan, ark, myeongseon till about 8pm. hohoh.. there was a doctor fish there for just 5000won! why not!!! i had wanted to try it. and all of us did it at once.

it was a tingly itchy feeling but i loved it. i left about 9pm with namchin and jeongho for a phone trade at suwon later. drove almost an hour to the place and got my new phone, the LG G3, in gold!

i got the second hand phone for about 300,000 won. not so bad. there was a knock at the right corner but it came with an extra battery and was almost new. love it!!! we then went to have dinner at the bulddokpeggi place - my treat since the guys drove all the way over. yay! even though it closed down in yongin we still found it here. wheeeee.

passed my jeongho's school in hwaseong too. look at the grand entrance!!

i'm wearing so much cos i'm cooooold but the guys seem totally alright =_=

and then we hopped in the warm car and drove back yong in.

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