Saturday, January 03, 2009

shi ryuuki (saiunkoku) shopping list

for the cloths

light lilac: $3.50/m x 2.5 = $9 (rounded off)
medium purple satin: $4/m x 2 = $8
lilac satin: $3.50/m x 1 = $3.50 (i lost my sample and ended up buying the wrong color. gosh)
purple satin (the correct one): $4/m x 1.5 = $5 (rounded off, last half metres anyway)
darkest purple hard satin: $4/m x 1 = $4
white satin: $4/m x 1 = $4
white hard satin: $4/m x 1 = $4 (yes, bought the wrong satin. wth. always bring your samples...)
lining: $1.50/m x 3 = $4.50
dark blue satin: $4/m x 1 = $4 (got extra for this cos it was leftovers haha)
red velvet: $2.50 x 1 = $2.50
yellow satin: $3/m x 2 = $6
green satin: $4/m x 0.5 = $2
brown satin: $4/m x 0.5 = $2

total: $59.50

gold ribbon: $5.90/roll
crystal teardrops: $3.90/ 6 drops
purple diamante: $3.50/ 6 diamantes
gold buckle: $1.50/piece
silver rope: $2.50/m x 2 = $5
threads (various colours): $0.70 x 12 -$0.50 discount = $7.90
gold sequins: $0.80*4packets = $3.20 (with one packet free!)

total: $30.90

fabric paint (pearlescent yellow): $4.70 x 2 = $9.40
grease paper: $1.20
inner fabric paper (for collars, etc): $1/m x 1 = $1
vaseline paper (for tearing off after embroidery): $8.95/m x 1 = $8.95
blonde zephyr wig: 3800yen/65=$58.50
hazel encore lens: $18

total: $97.05

grand total: $59.50 + $30.90 +$97.05 = $187.45

reflections/lessons learnt
whee! so i started shopping around in arab street with my sister for the first day and spent a BOMB. the next day i realised i had a lack of colored threads so i went to the craft shop inn amk. following that, i went to arab street again the next day to shop for the shortages.
and man. cosplay is really expensive.
and yeah, i've hit the $100 mark. anyway i think i still have some more cloth to buy for the clouds. sighss.
very very happy to have discovered the hard paper to put inside for my collar and pattern embroidery.
golden thread should be used singularly for sewing, it was disastrous since it kept getting snipped off, though triple threads would show the pattern clearly (compare collar to sleeves)
fabric is important in relation to the character (this was a kingly character, so i selected satin and velvet)
to make it as exact as possible, i did the inner and outwear even though i could have attached the extra layers to the outer wear easily. but you can reuse this kinda things so it's ok! it's like detailing down to things you don't see.
i underestimated a lot of stuff this time and had to pay for it with extra trips to arab, extra seam sewing, resewing, attachments, etc, which is NOT worth the effort if i could measure correctly in the first place.

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