Wednesday, April 01, 2015

150401 Masjid Jamek

so after having learnt that i have absolutely no plans for the tour in KL - or rather, i had only planned for shopping at berjaya and shopping at chinatown - 00 did research last night till almost 3am and came up with our itinerary for today. that's what you get when you leave itinerary planning to me, with a note that says 'i don't care where we will visit and i won't remember anything anyway'. so here's a map of the area we're at. hotel transit is just opposite plaza rakyat. the current hotel is near pasar seni.

we had breakfast around 9am at the hotel. charcoal bread is refreshing but it would have been better if they had a toaster. the selection wasn't much though.

we then rested till 12 and moved to our new hotel at 5 elements, which is just a less than 10mins walk away, near chinatown. place is definitely not as nice or clean.

headed out and walked to masjid jamek, which is just 1 stop away. no trains this time, i just get lost easily even if it's mrt. =_= so we reached the place which is significant for malaysia's independence, but this clock tower is all there is to see there.

walked a little ahead and you can see the very pretty mosque (not allowed to enter unless you're covered head to toes.... for ladies)

and if you walk past the mosque you're headed for the city gallery + national library upon crossing the road.

to the left is the city gallery we were looking for

and we're here!

i think this place is an absolute must-visit for anyone going to KL. the entrance fee is RM5 but it is usable as cash voucher within the museum! so this is the structure we're at.

there's a mish-mash of artwork past this area.

guess who's on the artwork here too

the main point of the gallery here is actually the lighting display... whhhhoooo

it introduces the state of KL as it is now

and talks of the future plans in the next 5 years

and then lights up all the little buildings there. i believe the lights were all shone on from above and not within the structure itself.

and that's it~

we made our exit to the souvenier shops where there were people working live to build these things (photos not allowed btw but i took it too fast oops!)

and the coffee shops sells awesome kaya toast and eggs for RM10 (just exactly our entrance ticket price)

stopped at the library next for a quick look.not a lot of books there actually but there's a little area that tells of KL's history and there's A LOT of sofa for people to laze around and sleep.

opposite the library and across the roads lie a textile museum..

i think my dear spam all these photos for his own usage but i'll just post them anyway!

it's a pretty tiny area with souvenir shop, despite how big the building looks. so we finished it in less than 10mins, then went outside the museum and to its right (back to where we were before crossing the road over to city gallery).

back to the area with the clock tower is a relatively clean street that looks like chinatown (or a cleaner version of it, except it sells malay food and stuff),, called kasturi walk.

not much to do and we eventually ended up back at berjaya times square for dinner and movie.

btw there's a really fantastic tw bubble tea in this area and we drank it for 3 days in a row.

we tried their green tea which had white pearls at the top and milk pudding at the bottom. it was pure heaven. we tried their milk tea too.. yumm! the green tea is still the best!

had dinner at kenny rogers but realised that king's men wasn't showing that day. caught some wifi at starbucks with a bit of thieving skills to check for other slots but we weren't in luck. here's the code if you need it!

we walked around the streets we were at yesterday before leaving for the day.

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