Friday, April 03, 2015

150403 MBS, Marina Square

we slept the most of the day ill we had to get out and meet tkh. went to orchard first but they already had their lunch, so we decided to eat a little at food republic first before meeting them. we even managed to queue for llaollao yogurt and I was glad 00 liked the raffaello sauce.. it's really delicious~! I wish they could give more of those sauce/cookie bits rather than the fruits though.

by the time we finished tkh and the rest had already moved to gardens by the bay so we had to chase and meet the guys there... it was such a painful walk because I was wearing heels and didn't expect myself to be walking 10KM that day =_= thought I could have a quiet dinner and then head home.

and tkh was with a whole lot of people because neneko came over to visit and she had lots of people showing her around. so our anticipation for a nice quiet dinner was sorely disappointed. in addition they were still touring so we had to move over to our dinner spot first.

and being the road idiot I was I actually walked the wrong way and took like 20mins to reach the mrt station. marina square is supposed to be within walking distance from the gardens but I didn't know how. should have followed the group and not try to act smart. there was even a long queue to the elevator that leads to the way to the mrt station. ugh... and worse, when we reached the station we took 1 stop and still had to walk another 5-10mins or so to reach marina square. complete waste of money and time, I should have just taken the taxi like 00 said.

it wouldn't have been half as bad if I wasn't wearing heels, and the soles of both didn't slip off. it was just giving me hell.

when we eventually reached marina square it was already 930pm and we've missed the last order at the restaurant the guys were at. and I actually had a little argument with 00 because he wanted to have dinner first before meeting the rest since my feet were aching, but I said it would just make me feel even worse since the guys would have ran off to another place when we're done... seriously don't know what he was thinking. but anyway we managed to meet and say bade goodbye to the group eventually and had our dinner at bao jin tian. what a torturous journey to our dinner place....

we left marina square through pan pacific hotel and intended to take a straight bus back home.

but I don't know why, i took the bus in the opposite direction and ended up at kallang...... jeez. am i just unlucky or what that day?!?! still we managed to take some selfies while on the long bus journey...
there was a 961 departing just whn we were alighting, which i tried to chase and failed. ugh... so in the end we waited for another 10-15mins and took the next bus that came.
it was really an arduous journey home.. but it wasn't half as bad cos we chatted about many many things.

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