Tuesday, June 09, 2015

150606-07 Minnacon & SEA Games

... so we got the news just a week before that we gotta put up a performance for kenshin. and we all just met up in the weekend for 1 rehearsal, decided on the music/plot/actions and carried out the whole sequence, form about 1-10pm. it was really fortunate that monday was a public holiday, if not we wouldn't even have time to gather.

the thing i learnt about performing is not because 1 wk is too short to actually plan for anything, but that because i didn't exercise regularly, so to have continuous action scenes for the whole day gave me body aches the next 4 days. our next rehearsal was on friday, just after i've put in the sound effects so we could all rehearse once again with the actual music.

i was working on GE costume over the weekend (which i didn't even wear in the end). it was exhausting.

and saturday was minnacon at NTU, but i had invigilator duties in the morning till about 12pm. i couldn't bring anything too heavy but it should at least look decent, since i was invited to judge there. judging for the first time actually brought me lots of butterflies in my stomach since friday night - the tension seemed worse than participating in the competition itself!!!

i really chionged all the way down but NTU is so big i was lost and climbed mountains to reached the area. for the cosplay to bring, i wanted to do GE/belle/sailor cosmos/shiro, but in the end i did isis hahahah..

i want to thank my helper for sticking around the whole time to help with many things! like bringing my stuff around, getting me water etc. it would have been much more tiring without her. excuse the horrible make up i think it looked hideous so i didn't take a lot of photos.

here's the co-judge esther~

and our guest of the day, sailor grandpa!

and here's the panel of judges~

we also had one more special unannounced guest, eki~~~

met a partner from our monochrome factor group so super long ago, ching hui. bishonen now *_*

2 more event photos, from khai khai and hyunbin (which eki beautifully edited, on the left! - looks like a slim, korean version of me arhhh. maybe i should go get some plastic done. bleahs.) 

after the event, we hung around coffee bean before heading over to city hall for dinner. stopped by eki and hyun bin's super grand hotel!!

accidentally left the flowers i got in her room.... whoops.. it was quite nice of minnacon to give cards and flowers to the judges as a token of appreciation..

we stayed till about 1030-11 to explain to the guests their schedule for the next day, before i went home for the day.

the next day was at SEA games, and i had to prepare for rehearsal in the morning on the actual stage. so i reached the place at 11am and there was already hoardes of people swarming around the carnival. whoaaa. it was raining (again!!!!) but at least the place was not wet and dirty. phew. it was pretty cooling too.

waited for my team members to come over and had starbucks for breakfast before we changed.

sosososo i was kenshin for the day.

my beloved maria ~ can you tell she used her real wig. almost chua tio when she realised her wig was left at home, but made do with her real hair!!

dear zhenglan as my lover, i quite like this photo~

our other 2 villain characters by jokumi and lefty

and our team~

here's the rest of us, with our guest of the day eki as hestia~ and hyunbin her photog, as well as kanoe the singer!

we went out to prepare around 3pm, and started off with eki's fan meeting, then our performance, followed by photography session with the public.

i really like this photo - it''s so funny!!!! look at the symmetrical action of sailor grandpa and shishio, and how me and maria were both outraged with the situation. lefty looks embarrassed to be there and zl is just being her cute self. eki is like stuck in the middle and ignoring all of us. the photo is processed so nicely too! look at the colors~~~

after the event, we rested at manhattan for a while and here's a last photo of me and eki before my hp died.

and drinks at manhattan after we all changed out~

we sent the people back to the hotel, then met up with lopez around 8pm later on at marina square for the last dinner. rode on jukoomi's sheryl bike! wheeee

post-dinner and some chat over at the hotel, i reached home close to 1am. ughhh super loooong day and am still aching all over now. TwT hoping our performance video will be released soon, even with all the mistakes i think it was a good job for a 1wk / 2 rehearsal production...

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