Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Granado Espada - Asoka WIP

so i spent my previous weekend working on a costume that i didn't wear eventually... but it is actually still not done yet. haha.

it actually looks pretty easy at first glance, but it became a great test of patience once i cracked the parts down. starting from that criss cross stockings. ughh. 

i had to buy a criss cross stocking from taobao to start with, wear it on myself and paste all the pearls on it. i think i spent 2 days to paste about 60% of 1 leg. and getting glue stains all over myself.

i think it doesn't look too bad. i kinda gave up a little because i had to yoga to paste those at the back and i was too lazy to continue and waste more time on it.

the photo on the right is where i went to buy a nude ankle socks to cover the bottom part... but my shade was too dark!!!!!! BLEAHHHS waste of my $4.40. T_T

next is all the stone like thingy she has all over.... where i cut and made out of foam

and after spraying, pasted on the pearls

took 2 of the smallest ornament for the shoes. bought the transparent strapped heels from tb and the pearls were all just pasted on. quite straightforward.

working my way up! here's the shorts. i just cropped an existing legging of mine then sewed the flower trimmings on.

and the main body parts. hoh, i'm actually puttting lining on all my stuff now. the one on the left is the skirt, then the top and on the right are the 2 shoulder parts.

so starting with the skirt... created the flappy thing that's like 10% visible at the back. also added white ribbon trimmings for the flaps and silver trimmings for the skirt.

so the final skirt looks like this

and now the back of the skirt... it is split into 3 layers -
this skirt is crazy and has like 2-3layers. bleah.

pasting/sewing on all the appliques and lace...

and the last outer layer is another pearl frenzy again

at least this was easier to paste while watching my drama

and sewing on the appliques...

the last step is more of the 2 tails behind and not so much a layer. i got the material from tb, and it's 100% silk.. so i only bought half a metre and it was already above $20. ughh.

combining all the skirt layers... had to fold the 2 tails in half again and cut off some length as i realised it was a tad too fat. my silk!

and now the top... the blue cropped corset was easy. i used velcro for the sealing, and sewing black trimmings all around.

decorated the front with flower trimmings

then i made the 2nd layer which was a chinese wrap.

and sewed both together

last was the sleeves. more pearly frenzy... yes i pasted on all my pearls. while watching drama. it's actually a pretty lazy exercise that you can do with half the concentration.

then i sewed them on and pasted the flower trimmings as well as the lacy edges. oh.. i bought my flowers in the wrong color - they're supposed to be white but i used them anyway bleahs.

and my top set is done! after i added on all the extra black laces.

last part of the clothing is the obi... and it was seriously a pain. the base is fine, i used leftover blue gradient cloth, brocade lining and chiffon overlay to soften the colors, then white satin ribbon trimmings all around.

the painful part was cutting outt all these circles.... stuck black wallpaper over transparent pvc and thanks for my rotary cutter i was able to slice out perfect circles.. i must have cut over 1000 circles that day.

they were then lined over the long obi base

and i folded a ribbon on it and pasted the largest ornament on the front

completed front look.

some miscellaneous accessories - pearls and 'feathers'

sort of reused all the laser cloth i peeled off from previous gwendolyn cos heheh.

then strung them together on a pvc transparent 'belt'

here's an overall outlook on the finished product~

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