Tuesday, June 30, 2015

150629-30 Yongin

woke up to a home-cooked breakfast~ prepared by dear namchin

well he whipped up the eggs and the sausage - the rest was either heated up/microwaved or pre-prepared. hahahah. still, i had an awesome meal.

not much went on today, most of the time was spent in the office. went down to the traders emart for dinner, and shopped around. there was a lot of test-eating which kyungmin referred to as 'matsuri' because you get to eat so many kinds of food for free. hurhur. so we went around to eat all of them. the place was built like a warehouse and the concept is similar to ikea. at the end of your shopping you can eat at their cafe, which sells delicious pasta/pizza at incredibly cheap prices (a whole pizza that's like b3 size in length for 14,800 won and baked pasta for 5000+ won.

after the dinner fest, we went back and worked a little. managed to finish the bag on the thigh of arisha's.

round 10pm, we watched mad max at namchin's theatre room. crazy show. slept right after... needed to wake early the next day!

30 Jul

and so we had to set off early cos namchin had all these 2nd hand deals for his virtual gear oculus and the photo printer. so we went to digital media city, then another place (can't remember where) before our final stop at dong dae mon for cloth shopping. needed to get cloth for valkyrie profile, and finally settled on this thick blue pvc at 11,000 won per yard. ughhh so expensive... also bought some buckles for arisha's skirt belt.

it was pretty hard to move around with all the cloth, so we decided to cut the trip short and head home. saw these huge line figures just outside doota mall.

since there was a straight bus home from myeongdong, we went over there and found korean buffet~ wheeee~~ lunch buffet at 12,900 won. and the best kind of buffet you can ever have at such a price~~

and there's my favourite ice persimmons at the bottom too. what luck!

headed home around 5pm, and finished off arisha's skirt (by attaching the belts and the buckles we got)

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