Wednesday, July 01, 2015

150701 Avengers Station

oh my god.... i can't believe my post wasn't saved and i have to retype this again!?!?!?! JEEZ well anyway here goes... we woke up past 10 to have breakfast at home. prawns!

then got ready to set off for the war memorial museum, where avengers station is at. it's a mobile station that moves from country to country, hence available only for a short period of time.

and it's right at a corner. seems pretty deserted, which is absolutely fine with us!

once you enter, there's already photo spots waiting...

and a convenience shop in case you're hungry.

they sell line drinks inside~

we register ourselves and took photo IDs. each participant gets a samsung watch to complete the experience, with your own unique QR code.

then we were moved to the introduction area. you'll get to see this woman appear frequently on your watch, sending messages

and we finally enter the area! this is where you avengers lover can start to scream at all the weapons and stuff displayed!

there's machines located at various area where you can interact with to test your strength, speed etc. you scan with your QR code, and it will register your ID.

then your start your test

struggling with my speed test...

the next area is focused on hulk. everytime you enter a new area, a new message arrives and you can answer trivia questions related to the different avenger. the information can be found on the boards, you just have to read through. thank goodness it's written in both korean and english! no penalty if you answer wrongly, unless you plan on purchasing the reports at the end.

cool bot in water display

and now for iron man!

here you get to play a simulation game where you gear up as iron man and attack the enemies with your fists.

this screen shows you in the iron man gear and you attacking the enemies. but my shutter was too late. you can purchase this print at the end too (not that i would...)

if you haven't noticed, the whole station seems to be sponsored by samsung... so no surprise on the product placements here.

some thor stuff too

and the final avenger

and here's the last station - virtual reality featuring oculus. you get to view a cinematic sequence where you are one of the avengers, and the others are running along side you. pretty cool!

lastly, the debrief area where you scan your code for the last time and purchase the photos and souvenirs you have taken in-station

not to forget the actual souvenir shop just outside too

that's not all you can see. time to look at the actual war park! there's airplanes and tanks displayed all around, that was used for the war.

big plane that seems to be the size of the VN airlines i took

you can also sit inside the tanks since they are wide opened

there's also the navy ship displayed, which talks of the 6 heroes who protected the korean navy frontier from north korean attacks

the ship is dotted with red circles to mark the places where it was shot. there was also plagues to indicated where the hero last fell. we also watched the 3D show that played the whole battle, along with a huge group of haebyundae soldiers.

view from the top of the ship

the last part of our trip is the actual war museum.

it showcases the heroes who fought for the war, the weaponry and costumes worn.

and what would a war museum be without the greatest navy tactician of all time and his turtle ships!

a final picture with the people in the park before we leave.

we went next to myeongdong for beauty products shopping~~ and ate the honey ice cream taiyaki for 4000 won. nice~

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