Tuesday, July 21, 2015

150719 Pungdenglee / 150720 Olive Hill / 150721 Ozzing

150719 Pungdenglee

so it was ark's birthday but he came back before noon since pana was sick and couldn't play with him the whole day. poor guy. we went to pungdenglee again and helped cheer him up.

ordered the octopus rice again x2... and another kalguksu as well as the katsu cutlet. the katsu is nice~!

we passed by a baseball station and decided to try out (not me). there was some baseball people practising there.

jeongho and ark took their tries. i think it's 500 won for a game of 30 balls.

after that we went to have baskin robbins. there were some new flavours.

we had nutterminator, matcha tiramisu and i can't remember the 3rd flavour. probably some cheesecake.. the ice cream here just tastes better than those in singapore for some reasons! and much cheaper...!

150720 Olive Hill 

we found another cheap italian restaurant and it's just at the yongin city area called Olive Hill! whee! it's kinda like saizeriya actually. the place do look posher though.

we had all these for about 30k won. yay!

while jeongho takes his smoking break, i went to check out the starbucks. there were some cups that's only sold in korea.

thankfully i'm not a starbucks cup fan. it's expensive (10k won and above for all)

went back to the office to complete some more work... and discovered a millipede having sex on the go. or maybe it was just piggybacking its other half??
well anyway back to the progress for VP. side designs for the helm is done...

and i managed to dig out these many shoes from the office while doing a mini organising/cleaning. out of the 5 pairs found, 4 of them were my size. lucky! sorry, whoever it belonged to, it's now mine since you threw it away and didn't bother to come back for it.

picked the heel boots for the VP boot base. fits perfectly!

and the wrist guards are done too~

150721 Ozzing

the next day before dance lesson, we finally went to eat at ozzing.

the mexican cheese corn is spicy and super cheesy. it's too awesome.

picked the honey and cheese octopus. the legendary octopus which smears your face with oil if you were to eat it like this. but not if you cut it with scissors. that's why you should always eat in!!

wish i could eat this now...

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