Saturday, July 25, 2015

150722-25 VP WIP

the next few days we're all stuck in the office working our asses off to finish VP before the shoot. we went on a final trip to dongdaemon to get all the miscellaneous parts, wig and more gold pvc (1 yard was definitely not enough) - which we lost that day and had to rebuy it. managed to find it later on at the complex (and i have to recall 00's doomsday look as if it can never be found) AND buy it again just in case.

so here's the sheath belt done with all the accessories bought.

and the feathers all attached to the finished helm.

and my styled and trimmed wig!

the shoulder sleeves... which i should have attached it to the armour or somewhere so it didn't keep slipping..

we struggled the most with the breastplate because we kept failing at making the rounded cups. and ran out of material. bleah. rants ahead...

this project caused me so much pain... we got into SO MANY arguments with namchin because of this, and i almost wanted to give up. what was promised to be done in 10days, dragged on to a full month as we took our time to work. i spent full days in the office only to get like one tiny portion done. it was a horrible waste of time. and things weren't prioritised or given correctly, leading to misunderstandings, delays and more fights.

and then there was also problem with an ex team member looking for stuff in the office, which i felt was poorly handled by both namchin and the new team leader, though he argued that it was not so. what part of a good solution was running and avoiding supposed to be??? jeez. maybe koreans just do things differently. =_= sometimes i think he really has a big problem with the way he trains the guys. lead by example you know.

so anyway, back to the progress.

i used back of pvc and satin for the skirt, but pvc seemed to fit better. the gold stripes were cut and sewed on for the edges, and pasted on with yellow glue for the rest.

also finished up all the edge plates. what a pain for some place that's not very visible. 00 skipped dance school so that he could finish up faster and without regrets on friday, while i took all these and wasted the gold trimmings on the car ride to the dance school.

had popeyes for dinner with jeonghoon that day..

but the worst thing was, when i came back 5 hrs later, there was no progress made (or rather 5% of the sword base was done). i was so angry, i exploded. they took 2hrs to have dinner and the rest of the time to clean the place. where's the priorities, guys??? the place didn't even look clean at all!!! i stormed back and took a rest for the night. it seemed that 00 woke up his idea and finished the sword and sheath that night. i read the 2nd book omonim passed me to calm myself.

it's weird, the books she's giving is as if it's a prelude to what i'm about to experience.

the next day, in a calmer mood, i finished off the skirt.

on the day of the shoot i had some time to stick gold trimmings for the sword as well and covered up the back of the helm and such.

since the quarrel, we sped up and had almost 95% done on friday itself. so on saturday we relaxed a little. went to the buffet again with ark, pana and jeong hoon before dance. (wrong movement..) weekend price at jayeon byeolguk is a little more expensive at 19,900 won, but there was samgaetang~

after lesson, i went for shopping and more dinner with jooa. i was still pretty full so she ate while i drank. we bought a lot of clothes, and also stopped at her house afterwards. she had 2 dogs in her house.

i was finally able to have a girly heart to heart talk and complain all the bottled up emotions. it was so hard to actually talk to any of the guys there, for the fact that they are guys and they wouldn't understand women. and it was so easy to talk to jooa and tell her everything and having a friend who would understand. i realised i needed this so badly.

since i had a shoot on sunday, i couldn't stay over, but i was so glad i was able to meet up (thought i wouldn't after the fiasco the previous weekend, when she suddenly went MIA).

then i went home around 11 plus and almost got lost looking for the bus stop. thankfully i managed to board the bus home and reached yongin 1 plus. phew.

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