Friday, July 10, 2015

150710 Trick Eye Museum

today's a double date with ark and pana at hongdae~

and we are late again by almost an hour... oops. had a quick katsudon lunch before we found our way over.

kim soo hyun came here~

the tickets we bought comes with the ice room too so we went to explore it first. if you're going.. bring a jacket and wear pants!!!!!

couple throne!

and omg i had to sit here for so long for 00 to take a proper pic

fancy having an iced living room, toilet and bedroom??

and the way to the exit is via an ice slide!

all right, we're finally getting to a warmer place now. phew.

and uh, not much to say i'm just gonna spam the pictures... enjoy!

really like this room!


we tried to shoot all of us with the piranha using the little sony camera 00 had

and some more pics i quite like!

and some augmented reality punching game..


tea with the king!

delusional mirror...

hmm something stinks??!

there's even a mirror maze here before you get out

kungfu fighting

and a little greece outside

picture that appears different from 3 sides

some desserts after the museum

next progran of the day - escape room situated at an underground bar

unfortunately we weren't able to escape from the room... ugh. not that i would come back again. too brain wrecking. ooh discovered a hello kitty cafe in hongdae. seems pretty grand!

and then i gotta rush off to meet my rikkyo friends minkyung and junho. so nice to see them again! ate my cabonara chicken too~

went to a bingsu shop too

got tricked into eating one whole milk tea bingsu by myself... whoaaaa

thanks palsss!!!!!!

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