Monday, July 13, 2015

150711-13 Yongin

Next 2 days was as per normal - breakfast at home, working on cosplay stuff, then going to dance. ohh, we also spent like 15-20mins everyday catching millipedes in the office as there was suddenly a whole lot of them migrating in...

i think we caught like 30 in 15mins. ew.
i was afraid we might step on them since there's so much rubbish around and you can't distinguish insects from props and rubbish. so i made a masking tape and plastic wrap room shoe.

then i decided to upgrade it with LV wrapping. and it comes with a bag. haha.

had udon before dance lesson on friday...

had kimchi stew on sunday...

and managed to complete some arisha accessories

also masking taped the sword for painting

finished the collar for VP

as well as the dangling belt on her left

our progress is really slow... T_T

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