Thursday, July 09, 2015

150709 Meeting Mong

since i didn't have a very early sleep, i wasn't able to meet mong on time and our meeting shifted to past 3pm. oops. she waited for so long =_=

we had bingsu as we were both full from previous brunch. so yes - it's homibing again! this time with it's top seller mango bingsu.

i came out in such a rush i actually forgot to bring money and wallet with me... and i don't know why i only had 00's travel card with me. ugh... and it was so embarrassing that my credit cards were not activated for overseas usage and mong had to treat me to everything... yikes!!

we then went to the dream cafe - it was really a cafe made for studying as the students there were all mugging hard. wow. the drinks are a little on the expensive side but that's because it's all refillable. they come with a waffle too.

mr kong came a little past 7pm, and we went off for dinner. turns out he doesn't have cash with him too and we couldn't repay mong. jeez... i'm so sorry mong! promise you a good dinner when you're in sg!!!!!

and we went over to gimbab 25 to have mayo chicken. i was pretty full from the continuous eating so we shared a bowl.

and then it was dance lesson~

after classes we went back and i explored a little of 00's room. look at the book of ancestry there... it's full of dust.

and whaddya know, i accidentally brought home a homibing souvenir. i have no idea how it got into my bag, seriously. =_=

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