Sunday, July 26, 2015

150726 VP Shoot

and it's finally the day! since there's still time before the shoot, went to polish up some stuff on the costume and mini parts.

about 5+, started doing my make up. jeex, they told me i needed to be done for my make up by 610pm, at like 545pm, but when i was finally done at 7pm, the set up wasn't even ready. and it wasn't ready till like 9pm. TwT

anyway, make up. i did it a little thicker this time since giro's equipment always eat away like 50% of what i've drawn.

final setting of the wig

we shot for about an hour half, then started to pack while i went around selfie-ing, having completed my life's greatest project.


the guys wrapping the equipment

and selfies with the team~

kisses to my most favourite person in the whole, who gave me as much love as he gave me pain x_x

and the super helper ark

our wonderful photog who almost couldn't stand all my atrocious requests - giro insisted his face should not be taken - a trait like all photogs!

do you see him in the back...

more of me!! me!! me!! sorry, i was just trying to find the best lighting...

and the guys shone that big lightstand behind me!

which revealed a gigantic spiderweb...

and final photos without the helm~

i'm done ok. c'mon that wasn't even that many selfies for my favourite character. but it was actually cos i needed to change out and send giro home, and have dinner together - gamjatang~

it was boo's birthday that day so we went back home, washed up and celebrated her birthday... we also watched Follow, this really creepy horror porno movie. ok, it's not porno since all the important parts were covered, but it's still sex related. yucks.

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