Sunday, July 05, 2015

150705 Elizabeth Musical

hmm a fresh start to the day with greetings from the Kong cats!

anyway i wanted to watch a musical in korea and we picked Elizabeth, one of the more popular ones showing at this time. bought the tickets off a third party seller at like 50% of the original price (like 120k won or something), so we didn't get to pick the slot i wanted. fortunately, the cast is better than the one i picked - se7en was one of the main!

the lady as elizabeth, who was supposed to be ex-member of this group called Finkl (together with Hyuna at that time)

we reached a little early so we had some time to walk around the area and look at all the costume displays. whoo~!

costume for the der tod by se7en in the show. love the first one!!

costume for the prince

and of cos, not forgetting elizabeth.

there was also a display of the wings worn by der tod's followers - it's made out of chiffon and rhinestones. so pretty!!!


some more display by a famous local manhwa artist

and the show starts... tried to snap photos but kena warning. bleahs. managed to use namchin's mini cybershot lens to snap these. hurhur. so bright, nice~

we tried to switch our places to the frontal empty areas after the intermission but were caught. wonder how the staff remembered all our places. zzz. seriously, why can't they be more flexible...

oh and look at the cool endorsement in the toilet by one of the cosmetic brands. if only all toilets were like this, i'll appreciate endorsements more~

after the show, we went to get our dinner at a recommended italian restaurant near the place. there's 20% discount if you hold elizabeth tix. when we stepped out, namchin made the most ungentlemanly gesture ever by refusing to lend me his jacket even after i said it was cold. jeez. and it was because i often said it was dumb to bring 5 jackets to a hot country like singapore. (seriously, 1 is enough for 2 weeks, why 5?!) so we argued all the way to the restaurant. ughhhhh. so anyway, the dinner.

the starter, a salad made up of a lot of chopped onions is awesomeeee

the main dish aglio oglio is just so-so. looks normal and tastes.. well, not my kind of pasta. 

took the bus home after that. such a bleah night.

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