Tuesday, July 14, 2015

150714 Hoam Museum

okay... so the guys discovered a neat korea restaurant in yongin called Pungdenglee - so we went to try.

the location is in the middle of nowhere and seems to be reachable by car only, but there's lots of people already! we ordered quite some stuff. i was actually half full since we ate a little breakfast at home, but we still ordered 3 person's share. wow.

the octopus rice on the left seems to be their specialty - a lot of tables have it. the one on the right is bibimbap (average) and seafood kalgukgu (soup is nice)

the pajeon is the best for me~

it looks like 4 person's share actually. and we actually finished them. it's crazy...

so after the very heavy meal, we headed over to hoam museum, a collection of traditional materials by one of the rich guys of samsung.

what did i think of when i see a lotus pond... habaek's bride! there's literally no one around. perhaps we can do a hit and run.

anyway on to the museum

it's not very fascinating actually...

it's 2 levels but you can get through them pretty quickly. not allowed to take pictures, but i managed to sneak some...

what are the guys doing...!

found wifi!!!

there's wifi access and we're bored... selfies???

time to get out... went back to the office for a while and continued with VP. the helm base is finally out...

and then it was time for LP dance~

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