Wednesday, July 08, 2015

150708 Namu Cafe

i have home-made breakfast by the house butler every morning like this

there's usually soup, at least 3 side dishes and main dish of either fish, seafood or meat. i really like eating them.. yumyummmm

but today was probably one of the worst day of my trip. were sticking the gold lines around the edges for VP and since 00 didn't ask me to do other things, i went ahead and stuck gold edges on other parts that was needed.

turns out that i slipped a lot of glue while sticking and 00 wasn't too happy about it. the perfectionist. he literally snipped my hard work in front of me.

i was so angry for the time wasted, i ran off. took my wallet, jacket, umbrella and the book that omonim lent me and i walked right to namu cafe in yongin.

and i read the book there while having milkaro ice-blended. love the intricate things they put with the drinks.

the book is about a circle with a portion missing, and how he went to look all over for that missing piece. but after he found the missing piece, he found that he was no longer appreciating other things the way he did before he wasn't whole, and in the end, he let the missing piece off again.

don't know what to make of this story, but it did seem a bit sad to me.

i walked around looking for some decent place to sleepover, but the motels were all looking too creepy and suspicious. had my dinner at the terminal's convenience shop.

then i decided to head back... i saw that the cart was at the top room so i went over to the office. sighs. and i'm reminded of the cut pieces. still thrown around here.

it still pains me to see these as i'm reminded of how insensitive 00 was. that bugger.
that night i slept in the office. it was creepy. and it was funny that they didn't even notice me there till i got up to take some water and ran into ark, who sold me off. =_=

and i went back to the room around 4am after some convincing by 00. literally whacked him hard since he say he wouldn't retaliate. this project is causing me so much grief.

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