Monday, March 16, 2009

on friday i went to hotglue patterns on my ring base and spray painted it, then attached the jewel i had. so this is the kuroshitsuji ones for my undertaker. it's a deep turquoise color but it looks super blue here. and the base is supposed to be black.


ah yesss you do notice the art book i had used for the base (not intentionally, i just bought it and had it lying around... xp) but there was only 1 (or 0.25?!) freaking picture of the undertaker in the whole book!!! (^%*#()^@ still, sebastian is drool-worthy in there.

the other ring i made was the one on his pinky that looks like some fence/teeth marks. also using hotglue and spray painted. made 2 because i seemed to have seen it on his left hand too. but oh well. i have many ring bases anyway.


the round thingy you see at the sides are decorations (ya right... they just look nice in the picture... artistic no?). it's actually the round applique metal thing i bought for his belt chain. wanted to spray paint on transparency to duplicate but in the end i just bought 8 more of it. haha. spray paint doesn't work well nor look nice anyways.

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