Tuesday, March 31, 2009

let's see ah yes my stupid boss arranged a freaking meeting at 7pm so i've 1.5hours to waste away and i don't feel like working unpaid so i shall BLOG.

so, i went for the kurobara event on sunday as min jeong ho from shoujo changumu no yume (daejanggeum), BUT no one recognised me. of course. zzz. no one watches that anime i think. well anyway i usually don't blog about local events cos there's too many searchable keywords, you say something negative and it gets blown up cos singapore is so small and there's politics involved even in cosplay. and there's only that handful of cosplayers. but what the heck, i'm angry now you see.

so here are some of the pictures i thought that's nice which i koped from sgcafe.

well i took like 3 using my samsung phone but still...

and here's the one i took anyway

maomao's lancelot

the 3000dollars violin. hoho.
Amu ikuto violin
Ikuto amu sleeping

my photos sucked so here are the better ones

and the contestants...

from shaman king i think

basara i think (one of the competitors)


the very cute kitty host

and let me start with some randoms...

no idea who...
Nagi, Zange


think her character is taiga but not sure what series. pretty cute though!

toshaka rin from fate stay night in archer clothings
Toshaka Rin

watchman! scary.

and zero kiryuu.

and then there's shugo chara. yes i only knew about this series because they were cos-ing it. zzz.
see how much nicer this is than the one i took. i shouldn't be bothered with photo taking after all. that's why i took to kope-ing
Ikuto, Amu2

and val's amu is soooo CUTEEEEEE

some d'gray man...

shiro's allen. her hand rocks.

kanda yu

and naruto fever!

the best naruto

a really pretty yamanaka ino!
Sakura, Ino

my sis' favourite kakashi
Sasuke, Kakashi

get ready for some serious macross whopping. there was like 5 or 6 sheryl nome kagebunshins walking around man.

all the different versions
Sheryls kagebunshin

sheryl (lion pv)
Sheryl (Lion pv)


oh. and webshots suck because i had to relink everything and re-generate all the 500pixels code since the default one was too tiny. gahhhh. and you have to scroll down and get the code. and you have to be at the photo page to get the code. it should really take a look at photobucket and learn from them.

oh and if you're wondering where the hell i am, it's actually hidden in one of the links on your screen. heh. like hell i'm gonna post myself here.

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