Tuesday, October 04, 2016

161004 Errand Day

Did so much shopping today. Woke up around 10am, then got out to the clinic for a visit-turned-regular. Went to the bank but was unable to get my stuff done cos I forgot to bring my ID. Then I managed to find my sis’s Adidas shoe, and finally get specs for my ZY. All the strange and high level requests… guys, please stick to cosmetics from now on ok?!

At least while I was whiling my time away, it seems Mr K is even slower. It was past 2pm and he hasn’t even left the office. I was a little irritated and decided to just head home and cook some ramen instead. It was only after I finished eating that he finally called =_= jeez. We headed to the bank again and wanted to get the Wifi egg, but he didn’t bring his IC and my registration card has long expired, so it couldn’t be done. AH, more days without WIFI……

In any case, we headed back to the office without eating, after which they decided to order take-out around 5pm. We went out for dinner at Sunuri and ate the Rib soup, but only Jeonghoon and I ate while Mr K was stressing himself out with a team issue. Zzzz. Sometimes he really drives me crazy with his impossible priorities. On hand, the projects with immediate deadlines should be given the most attention, yet he was stressing himself with an overdue issue that happened a few months back, but only realized the issue now (some member’s mouth got loose). Ugh.

In any case, I didn’t want to intercept too much as once Mr K loses his mind over something, he just needs to take care of it before he can do anything else. So I went home and slept on my brand new sofa.

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