Wednesday, October 05, 2016

161005 DDM, Ilsan

OMG it’s already mid week. Does time pass faster when you are jobless and enjoying?! Well anyway it was one big shopping trip for me today. Woke up at 11am and had a pudding for breakfast cos Mr K says they were getting out to pick me. As it turns out, I had to wait for almost 1.5hrs before they came over =_= the plan for today was to head to DDM with Eki to get the rest of the parts we need for the Taoist costume, then travel to Ilsan to meet up with the rest. Mr Gold and Mr K will go separately to Yongsan to fix their 3D printer and meet a really famous prop maker at Ilsan.

So we reached around 2pm and had bbq lunch at Semaeul Ssikdang (Yongin has a branch too). Then we shopped around the building just next to the textile centre. It turns out that the basement had ongoing sales, and I swooped 3 bra sets at once. They were going for only 4,000 won. I couldn’t believe it – were they missing a zero? The quality was good and the best thing is it’s WIRELESS!!! I love wireless bra. I’m regretting not picking up more sets now… they were also selling a pack of 10x undies for 15,000, but I’m more into those awesome satin/lace bras. There was also Jill Stuart shirts going for just 20-30k!!! Down from the original price of 148k. WOW. I would have swept all of them if I’m a guy, but I just bought one in the end. Hehe.

Met up with Eki around 3.30pm, then we traveled around the textile centre for our cloth. Turns out that we both love all things sparkly and blingy, but since a lot of jobs were paid and not for stage purposes, it was hard to spam blings on them (would be too out of reference). While walking around, we bumped into Tasha in her plain form. Not a surprise she doesn’t recognize me, given we last met in 2010. Not a surprise too that I was completely ignored, so I just stood behind Eki while they chatter away.

We has a quick drink at a café, before taking a taxi down to Ilsan (30k won for the ride, thankfully I can claim it, haha!). Waited for the 2 misters before we had dinner at Mapo Calmeggi, this bbq place with an egg pan all around. You can also dip the meat in cheese, and they give Dwaengjang Jjige as service. Yummmyyyy just that 2 bbqs in a row is too much for me, I can already feel my +2kg tummy bulging. 

Had quite a long team talk on the way home, and I’m feeling sleepy now.

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