Monday, October 10, 2016

161010 Meeting Lucy

our meeting got postponed till another day, but i was still glad i got to meet lucy! there's only so few friends i meet outside of csl, though she was also part of the team.

in any case we met at somewhere near jukjeon (gg i can't remember the mrt name) at bundang. after looking around the place, we decided to settle on this place.

actually korean food all look pretty nice to me and it seems wherever i go into the food is also bound to me nice. this is some beef jjige.

they gave this rice thingy at the bottom that has like ham and egg inside. it's the shake shake bento in korea, the guys like to cover the tin and shake it like nobody's business.

love the side dishes and the jjige! so glad for a great dinner. a pity i forgot to take a pic with lucy TT... next time!! we had a short coffee afterwards but i left around 10+ as the guys were on their way back from dinner and was dropping near to pick me.

while waiting at the station near yongin, i saw an automatic library in the station. so cute. it's called Smart Library. seems like you need a local ID to borrow. will try it next time ahhaha. but why is it inside the station and not outside =_=

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