Saturday, October 01, 2016

161001 Wangsimni

oh yay! we're going into town!
that's because today's a special day. ^_^

had breakfast at dunkin before heading out. this is like one of their new menu so we tried it out.

we then headed for jongno first via bus, where i get my regular dose of shopping at my favourite stall. then we took a train to the near wangsimni, where we bought screen protector for my birthday laptop. stopped by a convenience store along the way and discovered a really cute drink!

there's 3 flavours - coffee, choco and corn. bought corn and it was said to be the most popular flavour. when the cashier rang up the sale, the minions song played as well! how cute!

we then walked to the screen protector store and after some deliberation decided to get full protector (front, inside, screen) for almost 60k won. we took almost 1 hr to wait for the person to help paste everything on. the queue was growing crazy and in the end we only managed to paste for my laptop. 00 was too embarrassed to continue for his.. which i didn't really quite get. oh well! oh, the store was also selling iron man figurines which double up as car fragrance...!

we then headed over to the shopping mall.

the underground shopping mall is pretty unique. the indoor decor had different kinds of design on the ceilings and the whole place felt pretty venice and victorian like.

since it was halloween, there were models walking around in costumes! i thought this looked pretty cool, her make up was really like a plastic model!

there's no pokemon go here, but there's still pokemon donuts.

we had a quick meal at the food court, sharing one huge cold noodles.

then we passed by this chicken store and decided to have some.

upon exiting the place, there's a huge graffiti wall as well.

after that we headed over to myeongdong to meet up with pion and ark, who were collecting costumes for the photoshoot on the next day. had chicago pizza!! cheesy!!!

ordered cheesy bulgogi as well.

we finished off with some cosmetic shopping at myeongdong, then rested at osulloc. my green tea tiramisu cake for the day. haha. and that yuzu matcha is very refreshing. ark bought it but we swapped out ice cream match with his as ours was too overkill on the matcha. hehe.

pion got the green tea spread for me as well. yum! and luckily, mr gold was also on the way back to yongin so he picked us up at gangnam and we got a car ride home. wheeee~

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