Tuesday, October 18, 2016

161016-18 Goldwell Seminar

so i got myself a KR-CN translation job for a seminar and had to fly back to singapore to take on this. wouldn't have come back earlier if it wasn't for the job actually.

for the first day, the teachers had to do the pre setting for all 6 models so i just stood by to help out.

on the second and third day, it was the actual full day seminar (8-8pm). thanks to the chinese translator the teachers brought along called lyn (who translates so super duper well), i didn't have to do the AM session, and could sit and listen to what the teachers had to say. for the PM session, it was about the same content as the one in the morning, except the students had to take it hands on. there was only about 15 students so at least i wasn't as nervous.

anyhow here's the models for furst and second day. so lucky, i wish i got styled by them too... *_*

the one on the leftmost is lyn the translator.

i get to have dinner with all the staff on the second day as well. it was at peony jade, along clarke quay.

i've never seen shark's fin this big it's overflowing... had 2 bowls lol

there was a lot more dishes (8 or 9 course) of course.

and a final group picture on the second day!

and with my hair stylist. can't remember what product she used but my curls stayed on for like the WHOLE DAY. amazing.

all in all, it was a fantastic experience! i had to translate live while the teacher was speaking, and i had zero experience in hair care so it was very hard to understand what they were saying. i found myself not making any sense sometimes but acktosh said that he knew what i was talking about, so i guess it was ok?! i did learn loads about haircare while i was at it, and picked up tons of chinese nouns! perhaps i'll be able to curl properly and do the korean air fringe sometime... hahah....

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