Tuesday, December 06, 2016

161206 Juno Ilsan

so i went to the academy twice, first for a hair dye session to cover the growing roots, done by an american lecturer, and the second to get my hair cut by all the training students.

in fact, some of the students are actually salon owners themselves, so i'm not really sure what they are doing here. haha. here's my hair before i get them all cut up...! my hair!!!

and while the dye is in the works...

and my new hair cut after sitting at the salon for like 5hours since 10am, to 3pm, with the training director.

not too sure about my new cut, i think i look weird. hahaha. maybe because of the curls at the end.

rushed off to meet eki at her cafe with mr kong and we had sushi buffet at a nearby restaurant. or not that near, our taxi took like 20mins. woah. the place is almost the same as the one i went to previously at yongin, but the sushi is all on a conveyor belt.

we then headed back to her cafe with hyun bin and chatted till super late, and mr gold had to come pick us up XD

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