Wednesday, November 30, 2016

161130 Juno Hair

thanks to the seminar i help translate for in singapore, i got to meet both hair directors again for lunch in korea!

visited juno today and that salon is really unlike any others i've seen. according to Director Yoo Mi, she says that it followed a foreign interior design and designed to let customers enjoy and be comfortable while they are doing their hair. look at how gorgeous it is!

yes, there's a bar! (or cafe)

they serve tea in such a cute style.

hope i can do my hair there sometime!
we went over to visit Director Sun Joo and had lunch at a kalguksu place super fast, as she was attending to some guests. didn't manage to see lyn as she has some family issues. was told to come back to help with a demonstration, and for someone with so much free time, why not!

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