Monday, November 14, 2016

161114 Arrival in Korea

and.. i'm packing for korea again after less than a month in singapore...!! love my new travel covers from taobao~!! hehehe.

unfortunately i didn't get to see pokemon christmas being unveiled.. oh well.

this time i'm taking asiana, so it's a quick 5 hrs direct flight over. yeah~! once again, i got myself 3 seats to sleep soundly in, and wake up to breakfast..~ whee hee.

on arrival, my dear came and we had seaweed porridge for breakfast.

back at home, i'm seeing my new bed! yay!! finally can sleep on something soft!

dear also brought in a half-spoilt tv that is too big... the colors totally went haywire after a few movies later in the month.

at night, we had some nice tofu jjige.

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