Sunday, November 06, 2016

161106 Asiatique Calypso

since we walked too much yesterday, we decided to take it easy today by going cafe hopping on trung lo.
had our brunch here and it was an expensive one, since the price was almost the same as singapore's cafe (about 15+ per dish).

we ordered pancakes and the roe pasta, as well as a spanish cocktail. all were very nice! the pasta is a recommended dish.


it seems that the neighbourhood is full of rich people and japanese cafe/restaurants.

but there wasn't that much to see, so we left for the next station. bought the famous mango sticky rice along the way.

we then moved to the next stop's shopping mall

and settled on yet another cafe there, where we enjoyed the outer view

ordered tapas (quesadillas) and 2 drinks - salted caramel and avocado honey

that salted caramel is the best salted caramel drink i've ever had. the blend was just right and those oreo frostings around the cup... wanna drink it again!

we then poured our secret mango out to eat... yummm~

walked arouind the mall a little. such a cute cafe...

when it was about 5pm we took a cab down to asiatique.

settled on Checkmate for dinner.

it sells thai fusion food. ordered 3 mains and a milk tea.

the view at night is pretty nice there! we shopped around till our show started around 815pm.

funny little robots and roll car for adults to ride in...

and it's time for the show! it costs about $50+ per person and there's only 2 shows per day. each seat comes with a free drink. the beer is pretty nice.

and let the show begin!

they have a beyonce...

and a lady gaga singing sound of music. it's all pre-recorded so she was only doing the actions. not very interesting. would have been more impressive if they actually sang...

some clown impression

a strike happening out of nowhere.. that lightbulb thing over their heads was kinda funny.

a japanese guest!! SO SUPER CUTE. lol. i think s/he is the highlight of the day with all those funny expressions.

marilyn monroe impression

an arirang korean sad story

and i think the guys lost it...

some other dances...

and that s/he person who did the japanese came out again!

that's the end~

outside you can take pictures with all the cast and beyonce by giving them tips.

i even see some guys squeezing their butts... so inappropriate...

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