Friday, November 04, 2016

161104 Central Plaza, Siam, Paragon

walked so much for the next day, almost died.
first we took some pics with the moving dinosaurs just near our hotel. lol.

we then went for the very famous wanton mee that jean told me about, which had crab meat on it. if i didn't know any better, i'll think their shop name is called No Branch, In Singapore. lol.

ordered the pork rice and wanton mee! (100baht each)

the white thingy on top are all crab meat! it's not much but still better than nothing. they threw in a lot of lard, which makes it rather oily. i personally prefer the pork rice...

after food, we were planning to go to the central mall, which is just a short walk away. being lazy, we decided to call a tuktuk, and the uncle quoted us 50baht so we thought it was good to go.

after he explained about his sponsor and why his fare was cheap, we thought it would be ok to help him by just visiting one of his sponsor, since he claimed it was near and just 1 stop would help his fuel fees. it turned out that that one stop was like 20mins and we had to go on a highway to visit this honey farm...

being a little irritated, we drank the test products but didn't buy anything and took the tuktuk back to where we were supposed to go. we thought he would bring us back to our destination but he insisted that we should go to some mall where his second sponsor was. it was supposed to be one stop but we were a little impatient that he was touring us around, though we weren't paying for anything yet. we refused to go and he got angry, and told us that he could no longer drive us as he doesn't have his fuel fee. he then dropped us off where we started and told us we didn't need to pay anything =_=

whatever, we got a 'tour' for free and rested well enough so we just took a short 10mins walk to where we were supposed to go instead - central plaza/mall. there was a huge range of cafes at the top floor, and we quickly settled on After You.

ordered a latte, a mini green tea shibuya toast and a small cookie pan. the cookie was a bit too sweet but the toast was pretty nice.

also took away just 1 cheese tart from Bake, since there was no queue...

there's a lot of pretty nice cafes and i really liked this teddy bear themed one! too bad we were kinda full.

we then walked over to the other mall nearby. as the king just passed away recently, there was a lot of tribute to him everywhere we go, and most of the stores only sell black or white clothes.

this whole art gallery was a theme on the king too.

took a break at a nearby mango shop after a while. one thing i didn't like about this place was that you have to order 1 per person. it's just too hard for me to finish even one frap. we ordered 3 anyway.

not a mango lover, but i don't dislike it either. due to the order restrictions, i would rather not come here again unless i'm nuaing the whole day here. as a tourist, i prefer to eat in bites and share 1 or 2 dish rather than order a personal share...

next up, we traveled to my sis' recommendation for lobster tom yum!

it's located at a rather odd area, i thought we were gonna get robbed anytime. the place is also full of singaporeans, lol. we ordered one to share~ as well as an omelet fried rice.

that lobster dish is definitely worth it! though it costs 1000 baht for an m-sized lobster, it was full of seafood goodies, like crab, prawns, mussels, salmon, octopus etc. the only thing i would complain about this place is the wooden tables and chairs - they were full of holes and had spiders and stuff crawling in and out. the more i stayed there the itchier i felt... but this was a similar situation with most restaurants that use wooden furniture somehow...

next up, me and mom went for foot massage at Number One, for 60mins at 200baht.

so shiok, i felt like i can walk the whole day again! so after sending mom home, i went to this night market with bro. we called for taxi and was quoted 300 so we took a tuktuk at 200baht. it took about 15mins to get there, boss was speeding and cutting a lot of queues.

there's a lot of barbers here mainly cutting for guys ... feels like some performance and gives me a feeling of that barber show johnny depp acted in.

after zigzagging in and out for about an hour, we visited the foodie area. ordered a watermelon drink for like 60baht~

then we sat down at the pad thai area and ordered a mini pad thai for like 35 baht. it's really like 2 scoops and you're done. but it tasted nice!

they gave so much spring onions and bean sprouts as sides...

remembered that i wanted to try the rolled ice cream, and one appeared before us!

had so much ice cream today!!! by the way the toilet costs like 3 baht so don't forget to save all your 1 baht coins...

after that we went home, not before i spotted a bar that allows outside food. so cute. except that it's for smokers so oh well.

we took a taxi back for like 210 baht (after negotiating with the guy). the next day we decided to just use grabtaxi for the discount, as we realised that all fixed prices are a scam....... it's so much cheaper to go by the meter!!!!!!!! for this distance it would probably have been less than 100 baht T_T

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